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May Kindness Always Be Your First Choice

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When people want to be kind, it would be easy for them, but what will happen when they don’t?

That would be the time for the so-called radical kindness, the kindness level which gives just for the sake of giving, without finding its basis on the receiver’s perceived worthiness. Although it will not be quite easy, it may be very simple.

When you have the chance to show kindness, show it. When you are compassionate, particularly when you don’t really want to be, you deepen your relationships, becoming the powerful positivity force.

Just a small kindness act will transform the moment, the whole day, or your whole life. Every person in this world considers himself or herself kind. Most of those people are really kind.

But, kindness is something more than doing something for those that you love and being polite. Although these are all admirable actions too, they are not the kindles which will change the world.

Radical kindness is another kindness level, which actually calls for higher levels of sharing. When you enact it in your life, you are going to see that you are much far away from where you have to be.

For instance, you are kind when you want to show kindness, and also when it is easy and doesn’t cost anything. It is also effortless to constantly be generous and open with those that you love, or with the people who actually think like you or believe in the identical things you do.

But, what about those times when you don’t really want to show kindness? Do you think of offering some kindness even in times when someone did something wrong to you?

Or when it comes to someone you judge and believe that he or she doesn’t deserve your kindness only because of his or her actions, status, and beliefs? How kind are you going to be when someone hurts you or makes you sad, frustrated, and angry?

Radical kindness is not something that you decide to simply give on the basis of some standards. In fact, it is the thing you will give at any time, to everyone, regardless of your emotions and feelings.

Usually, when someone in your life does something wrong to you or when he or she challenges you, your first instinct would be to relate and stand your ground. You would like to teach him or her a lesson.

Although setting boundaries is important, you are able to do that in a kind way.  Rather than that, you withhold your affection, punish him or her, and close your heart. Unwittingly, you are just perpetuating your suffering.

Showing radical kindness will inspire joy, peace, and love in the receiver and the giver. Although it will not be quite easy, it will be simple. In fact, when you have the chance to show kindness, show it. When you have the chance to give something, give it, without any exceptions.

The following time you find that you have the chance to share or give, open your heart more. Examine any resistance arising. Find out where it comes from, how it keeps you from sharing, etc.

Note the resistance, and after that, keep giving away. When you are kind in any moment in which you don’t desire to be, you deepen your connections with other people, and you become a more powerful positivity force, not just in your life but in the lives of those around you.

That’s why such radical kindness will always be worth it. Furthermore, when you have some doubts, remember this:

“Treat everyone with kindness even if they are rude to you, not because they are kind, but because you are.”

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