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It’s Not Worth It If You Don’t Love Your Partner Like This

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by Conscious Reminder

Being in a relationship can be nice and very often you are pressured by everyone around you to find someone if you’ve been single for a little while.

However it can take some time to find the right person. Don’t waste your time on a person that you do not love because it will only end in heartbreak for both sides. This is the kind of love you should look for.

1. Their happiness is all you want from them

If all you want is for your partner to be happy and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make them feel that way, you are truly in love. You’ll do all kinds of little things for them without expecting anything in return from them. Just being close to them and seeing them happy will be enough.

2. Just being close to them makes you feel better

Even if you’ve had the worst time possible at your workplace or anywhere else, you will instantly feel better as soon as you are in your partner’s arms. Sometimes just being around them will make you feel refreshed and energized.

3. All your emotions are very clear

Staying away from your partner when it is not necessary will make you understand that they bring light and joy into your everyday existence. When you get to this point, you are definitely in an amazing relationship and everything will fall into place.

4. The happiness you feel helps you help others

All that light glowing from within you will affect every other aspect of your life. When you are around other people, your happiness and positivity will radiate to them as well. They will feel happier for having interacted with your light.

5. You find new strength within yourself

The love that your partner showers on you will help you deal with the hard times and push you to be more than what you are every single day. Even though you are with someone, you will find new strength and independence.

6. You understand more about yourself

Finding out all the reasons that your partner fell in love with you and how you make them happy every day will help you learn more about yourself. When your partner shows you all that is good about you, you are with the right person.

7. They bring you back to earth

Stories might make love seem magical and other worldly but if you’re with the right person, you’ll begin to shift your attention to all the little things that make you happy in real life and all that you achieve by working hard together.

8. There is trust and respect for boundaries

Even if your partner wants some time to themselves or wants to hang out with their own friends, you don’t get jealous or possessive because you know that they love you. They also trust you because you both care for each other.

9. Being around them calms you down

Whenever you’re around your partner, you immediately relax and a sense of tranquility sets in. You don’t get nervous or confused like you would around people you are not comfortable with. Both of you are comfortable being your own selves around each other.

10. Loving them helps you love yourself

The way your partner loves you and the hundred and one ways they show you how loved you are will teach you a lot about your own value. You will feel more deserving of this beautiful relationship that you have been blessed with.

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