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Full Moon In Cancer, January 12th – Testing Our Values And Our Strength

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At first, I thought the transits for 2017 were rather calm until I saw the chart for the Cancer Full Moon on January 12. Just two weeks into the new year and the transiting moon and sun form a Grand Square with Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus. Actually, there are a lot of transits going on that day that tests our values and our strength. 

Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries, haven’t we had enough of all this bombastic energy? So, here is the setup. The Cancer Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun and Pluto, squares Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus/Ceres in Aries.

Meanwhile, Mercury (now moving direct, but wobbly) hooks up with Saturn in Sagittarius and those two planets square Mars conjunct Chiron (as if Mars conjunct Chiron isn’t painful enough). And we have a Pisces Stellium with Venus conjunct Neptune and Mars conjunct Chiron.

So, you ask, are there any flowing aspects to this chart? The Sun/Pluto sextile Mars/Chiron so that brings some grounding through meditation that is transformational.

Mars and Chiron trine the Cancer Moon so that takes tension off the moon, but Mars is still involved which can cause irritation if we’re not manifesting our dreams or understanding our dreams. And finally, Jupiter in Libra is in flowing aspect with Saturn/Mercury so if we turn to coaching types, we feel bolstered.

Now, I’m going to let a channeled message for this Full Moon come through.

If you are a woman or someone who is not part of the dominant matrix culture ruled by patriarchs, then you will focus on social justice during the week of this moon. You feel a strong urge to shake the status quo. You look for ways to buck the system that is not confrontational or that do not bring catastrophe to your doorstep.

Jupiter tells us that inner peace is the tension-tamer with all the global and personal problems facing us at the time of the full moon. Now, this is challenging because Mars conjunct Chiron is bringing up our childhood wounds. And we project those wounds onto others and blame them for our emotions. We label others as having personality disorders and blame them for our misery. But instead, we need to reach back to our childhood and look at those old wounds from the distance. We must find a way to look at childhood wounds from an adult mind and an adult heart.

Personally, I like the release work of John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) in that we focus on sensations in our body where memories attach themselves. And we notice the release of this old energy through forgiveness prayers. It sounds simple in concept, but as John says, this work is profound. And you don’t need to rationalize why it works. You just pay attention to the sensations in your body where emotions, beliefs, and patterns are trapped.

Of course, there are many healing modalities you can work with and use the ones that call to you personally. If you know of powerful meditations use those now. If your tools are with sound healing then use that. Music therapy and all art therapy go well now. Walking in nature and practicing Indigenous prayers and healing practices go well too.

The Stellium in Pisces (Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and Venus), asks us to heal through the performing arts or spiritual practices. We must watch out for distractions and addictions which prevent us from finding true peace and happiness. Don’t get caught up in attracting your soul mate, for instance, instead of doing the real work you came here to do. If you surrender to your true path and destiny, everything else falls in place. Work with spirit and tame your ego. 

This Full Moon is going to test all of us to our core. We will see how far we have come on our spiritual path and many of us will be humbled by this moon. This is not a time to show up at a spiritual workshop and brag about your wisdom or talents. We will find that we are back at the beginning and not the end of a path. We will realize we don’t know as much as we thought we did. Those people who call themselves enlightened are fooling themselves and probably have dangerous personality disorders that require addressing by professionals. Watch out for gurus (wolves) wearing sheep’s clothing. They will show up now as rescuers. They are dangerous.

The Cancer Full Moon warns us that we must find power within and use it compassionately and peacefully. A true powerful person does not attack others. But instead, a spiritual warrior is a martial artist who steps out of the way and allows other people’s emotions and projections sail right past them. They do not engage with other people’s egos, but they do welcome the healing of other people’s spirits. End of transmission.

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