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Full Harvest Moon In Aries On September 24th/25th, 2018: Spiritual Rebirth Of The Soul

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We will bear witness to this year’s harvest moon on the 24th of September and will be in Aries. Before we get into what it would mean for us, let us first talk about what a harvest moon is.

The harvest moon means less hours of darkness and more moon light. It is also really close to the autumnal equinox. It is called the harvest moon because it gives farmers longer hours to reap their crops because the moon is out and they have the light almost all night long.

The harvest moon is during the autumn and the most significant characteristic of the autumn is a symbol for all of us: we shed our old selves and habits, we let go of things that we have been holding on to for a while and get on to new things, just as the trees shed their old leaves.

This is a wonderful time to embark upon new journeys and for this opportunity, it is essential for all of us to take a little time off and give thanks to God almighty, who has blessed us with all that we have.

If you have been going through a tough time and been noticing that you constantly run into bad luck and things that upset you, September will make things look up for you and you will find peace in letting the negativity that has been draining you go and finally start to live a better life. The month of September would be a good time for all of us to start new things: things we have wanted to do for a long time but have not found the right time to do them. It is now.

Because it is the time of harvest, you will find yourself harvesting the fruits of all the elbow grease that you have been putting in for a while. You may have been feeling stuck, but this month is going to be a major game changer for you.

Chances are you will find more energy when starting new thing as well, compared to whatever amount of energy you have had in the earlier months. Use all this positive energy and draw up a vision board. Write down all the things you want to achieve and read it aloud at least nine times, this way, you will hear yourself voicing your inner desires and it will help you ingrain all of this inside you.

When you are done, rub off everything you have written and then write something that inspires and motivates you to go out and get what you want- what you deserve. Tell yourself that you are worthy of it all, because you are. If you face difficulties making a physical vision board, make one online or on any digital platform.

While you do all of this, it is essential to keep in mind that the path to whatever it is you want will not be easy. You will be faced with obstructions and difficulties but you will also have the capability to overcome them and keep moving forward, things will get tough but not too tough.

This is a holy time, understand its momentousness and keep going forward. This is the Universe bending itself down to help you achieve all that you want, it is a part of the grand design.

All the emotions that have been distressing you and causing you to feel heavy will soon be gone. You will have the opportunity to make all your dreams come true so grab it with both hands and do not forget to pray.

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