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No One We Meet Is There By Accident – 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

Do you believe in coincidences? 

In my humble opinion, everything we go through has its purpose; everything happens for a reason, every person we meet, every event we go to, every object we buy…it all happened because it was predestined to happen.

 Absolutely nothing happens by chance!

Not everybody we meet in life is here to stay forever. At times, people we run into are there just to teach us a lesson or help us get back on our path. The point is to recognize and accept these lessons, with an open heart and mind, as well as everything else that comes along with them, including pain and suffering.

Trust the universe and don’t be afraid to let go and let be! No path is wrong or right; they are all meant to be taken and, eventually, lead us to where we are supposed to be in life. It’s a magical mystery and we might be never able to understand it fully, but the universe has its own ways of sorting things out in the be way that will bring the best possible outcome for every single one of us!

Here we give you 5 types of cosmic connections you will probably encounter on your path:

1. People who are there to awaken us.

Sometimes the most random people and things we run into have been placed on our journey to create a turning point. These are the people who won’t let us make another step further before we realize there is something that requires change. Not everything will always go according to the plans we have made, but there is a Master plan – the plan of the Universe – and everything happens as it was written there.

2. People who are there to remind us.

There are people whom I like to call REMINDERS. They usually don’t stay for long, but their presence leaves quite the impression on us. These people have been placed on our path to remind us of our values, virtues, and what is important in life.

3. People who are sent to help us grow.

These people are the ones you didn’t see coming. They show up in our lives out of the blue but their purpose are clear and predetermined. These are our teacher – people will will give us the most valuable life lessons.

4. People who simply hold space for us.

To me this is the most interesting group because it consists of perfect strangers. These are the people who cam to our life just to hold space for us. They could be so random – like a person at the train station or the postman. People like these exist to listen to us, but also to show us the beauty and versatility of the world.

5. People who stay

Trust in the Universes’s timing. We don’t get everything we want, but we definitely get everything we need. That’s the rule. So, be patient; the Universe has something wonderful in store for you. When you are ready, people and things who are meant to stay will appear on your path and they will be everything you have ever imagined and more.

How many of these cosmic connections have you experienced?

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