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What is a Cazimi? Everything You Need to Know About This Powerful Astrological Alignment

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by Conscious Reminder

The sun is one of the most powerful forces known to mankind.

The star at the center of our solar system has long been worshiped in various cultures for its life-giving properties, casting its ever-present rays and shrouding us in warmth. In astrology, the sun is thought to spark vitality and energy, thereby increasing the strength and power of any planet with which it forms a close connection or conjunction. This alignment is known as cazimi in astrology, and it first appeared in the works of the Hellenistic astrologer Rhetorius around the sixth or seventh century.

Astrologers frequently use the phrase “planet in the heart of the sun” when referring to cazimi. This poetic parlance reflects the word’s origin, which is derived from the Arabic term kammi, which means “as if in the heart.”

What is a cazimi, exactly, and how does it affect us?

As previously stated, a planet becomes cazimi when it forms a close conjunction with the sun. But what exactly does “close” mean? This is defined by medieval astrologers as a planet being within 17 minutes of the sun’s arc, whereas in other traditions, the proximity between the two can be up to one zodiacal degree (which accounts for 60 minutes). Whatever the precise definition, the energetic effects of this astrological phenomenon can be felt for hours before and after the exact conjunction.

When a cazimi occurs, the planet’s qualities are thought to be purified, strengthened, and greatly illuminated. Essentially, the closeness of the sun is thought to fortify the planet’s energy, making it a great time of auspiciousness for all of the planet’s traits and realms of life. (Speaking of a planet with star power!)

Cazimi occurs once per year for most planets (when the planet’s orbit aligns with that of the sun), but it can occur several times per year for a faster-moving planet (like Mercury). And, if we consider the moon, there is a lunar cazimi once a month, just before and after the new moon, when the moon lines up directly with the sun.

While we can all benefit from the inspiration that each cazimi planet provides, if the cazimi planet is also the planetary ruler of your sun, moon, or rising sign, you may find it especially easy to connect with the rays of opportunity available.

Below is an exploration of each of the eight planetary cazimis; mark your calendar for the upcoming ones, while also looking back in time to see what might have happened for the ones that have already happened this year. Thinking about how each cazimi has given your life a unique boost can help you better harness its energy the next time it comes around.

What to expect from the eight astrological cazimis?

Mercury cazimi

Notice how your mind may feel brighter and your communication more coherent on the day of the Mercury cazimi. Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, and the sun’s proximity amplifies everything in these realms.

Conversations can serve as portals for dynamic learning and help us connect with others who are interested in topics that are important to us. We can also zero in on the most important facts in a sea of information. Cosmic downloads are plentiful; be open to receiving them, especially if you are a Gemini or Virgo, the signs most affected by this cazimi.

  • 2023 dates: January 7, March 17, May 1, July 1, September 6, October 20, December 22
  • 2024 dates: February 28, April 11, June 14, August 18, September 30, December 5

Venus cazimi

Pure love shines when the love-planet Venus rests in the Sun’s heart. We can gain crystal clarity about what has value and what does not, as well as how to value our own worth. Beauty, pleasure, and enjoyment reign supreme, and the richness that comes from relationships becomes even more apparent.

Areas of life traditionally associated with feminine energy thrive under the Venus cazimi, and we may be more enthralled by the power of allure and seduction. This is especially true for Taurus and Libra, the Venusian signs most affected by this cazimi.

  • 2023 dates: August 13
  • 2024 dates: June 4

Mars cazimi

When Mars and the sun align, we have access to a reservoir of energy and willpower to help us achieve our goals. After all, Mars is the planet of action and initiation, and with the added power of the sun, these qualities will feel even more potent.

We want to fight the good fight and champion causes that inspire us as Mars cazimi. This alignment also has a laser-like quality to it, which draws our attention to what we want and encourages us to go after it. Furthermore, we can gain a better understanding of the source of our rage—another emotion associated with Mars—and see what truly motivates us. The signs of Aries and Scorpio will resonate the most with the Mars cazimi.

  • 2023 dates: November 18
  • (No 2024 Mars cazimi occurs)

Jupiter cazimi

We may feel surrounded by positivity and possibility during a Jupiter cazimi. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and auspicious energy, which is amplified by the sun’s rays.

Glasses may appear to be half-empty rather than half-full. We not only tap into a desire to broaden our horizons, but we can also more easily connect with the steps required to do so. A philosophical orientation illuminates our path, our beliefs take on greater significance, and answering “why” questions can elicit extraordinary delight, especially for Pisces and Sagittarius, who are favored by this cazimi.

  • 2023 dates: April 11
  • 2024 dates: May 18

Saturn cazimi

When taskmaster Saturn collides with the sun, we can access a reservoir of commitment and discipline. Structure is associated with boundaries and hard work, and embracing both feels especially beneficial under Saturn cazimi.

We can create blueprints for long-term success by emphasizing the importance of solid foundations. We also feel the need to move slowly in order to avoid skipping any steps that are necessary to maximize productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in all outcomes. Under Saturn cazimi, Capricorn and Aquarius will see where time can be an ally and the wisdom of experience an invaluable asset.

  • 2023 dates: February 16
  • 2024 dates: February 28

Uranus cazimi

The winds of change are strong on Uranus cazimi, a day when we can benefit from shaking things up in the pursuit of progress. Uranus is the planet of ingenuity and innovation, and this alignment elevates both.

As we resist the status quo, we can learn new things about our inner rebel, more clearly perceiving when it gets activated and why, and discovering new ways in which we can use it on behalf of the common good. Detours may seem common; as you encounter them, consider how they may not actually be leading you astray but instead directing you to a path that can spark greater awareness. As Uranus is Aquarius’s modern-day ruler, the water-bearer will also especially jibe with this cazimi.

  • 2023 dates: May 9
  • 2024 dates: May 13

Neptune cazimi

What a romantic evening. By turning up the volume on Neptunian realms of life such as spirituality, dreams, and collective consciousness, the Neptune cazimi inspires us to see the beauty and magic in the world around us.

The day has a calming vibe to it as we become more aware of the soulfulness that surrounds us and how an ethereal interconnectivity weaves us all together. We may find it easier to enter a flow state as we develop empathy and compassion. Our dreams, both inspirations and nighttime visions, have an unusual clarity that can lead us to our own intuition. And no sign has access to this energy quite like dreamy Pisces.

  • 2023 dates: March 15
  • 2024 dates: March 17

Pluto cazimi

When Pluto connects with the sun, it’s a powerful time to let go of things, especially those that have passed their expiration date and may be preventing us from connecting to our innermost essence. Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, death, and rebirth, and all of these themes may come to the fore more prominently under the Pluto cazimi.

This alignment encourages us to revel in the dark and embrace our own shadow sides, as well as to investigate power dynamics and dive into the buried treasures that are usually hidden in our subconsciousness. Be aware of what is bubbling up for you and the honest truths that may be revealed. Scorpio, in particular, will feel empowered to dig deep beneath this cazimi and stare fear in the eye in order to loosen its grip.

  • 2023 dates: January 18
  • 2024 dates: January 20

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