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It Is High Time We Started Celebrating The Superpower Of Hypersensitivity

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever been called weird for getting stressed out when you have to make a decision? Or because you needed some time alone to recharge after a long day? Or because a piece of art moved you deeply?

You are not weird—you are a person with high sensitivity. And you’re not alone—more than 20% of all humans are, by their genetic make-up, inclined to higher levels of sensitivity.

Scientifically what the term ‘high sensitivity’ means is that an individual has strong emotional reactions to both external and internal factors. But what that often looks like for a highly sensitive person differs.

It could be that you try and avoid loud or overcrowded places because they are overwhelming. Or that a long to-do list easily saps you of your energy. Or discomfort is distinct and easily felt in unpleasant social situations.

But it also looks like crying to children’s movies. Or that distinct sensation of feeling a melodic piece of music in your bones.

Hypersensitivity means that a large amount of the stimulus in the world—every piece of information your brain receives—is processed, thus triggering emotions. This may sound like a death knell, but it is, in fact, a superpower.

Hypersensitive people are deeply empathetic. They are moved by the troubles of others and will go out of their way to help them.

As a hypersensitive person, you know when someone around you is down and you know you will be inclined to lend a helping hand. Hypersensitive people are good listeners and amazing conversationalists because they truly care.

The highly sensitive are also easily inspired by the world around them. A simple walk in the park for someone else can be deeply moving for a hypersensitive person because of their ability to appreciate deeply.

As a result, they are likely to find beauty in everything. Their enthusiasm for the world is often infectious. Their passion can often be a beacon of light that energizes the people around them.

Easily inspired by the beauty they see, hypersensitive people tend to be creative. They are also very hardworking, putting every ounce of their soul in the projects they are involved in because they deeply believe in them.

If you are a hypersensitive person, embrace the good and the bad. Forget the naysayers—you are a deep-thinking individual with love to give. And if that isn’t a trait to be appreciated, what else could be?

Share this with a hypersensitive person in your life to remind them they are magnificent the way they are!

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