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If You Experience These 7 Signs With Someone They Are Your Cosmic Connection

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We live on the material plane and the spiritual plane, simultaneously.

What we don’t realize is that both, the material and the spiritual are interconnected, they are mirroring each other.

The strings between them are hard to recognize. Most of us have no idea that what they think of as material is actually a spiritual manifestation.

We create so many confusing and contradictory philosophies about reality trying to explain it. Life becomes a puzzle and sometimes we put the wrong pieces together.

Thankfully, the Cosmic Connections come at the right time to guide us solve this universal puzzle.

What Are Cosmic Connections?What Is A Cosmic Connection

Cosmic Connections are people you meet because of an important cosmic reason. Everyone you meet has a cosmic reason, but Cosmic Connections hold the key to solving a problem or guiding you in important moments of your life!

These people come either in a positive or negative manner. They could be inspirations or challenges.

Regardless of the way they come, they only serve one purpose – to give us the necessary lessons we desperately need.

Our spirits are connected through a network of strings. When these connections recognize that a soul is stuck, or needs an important guidance, they intensify the spiritual magnetism to bring another soul that has the key for help in contact with the one in need.

From a spiritual perspective, the key for help might be a certain information or an energy that the other soul needs to unstuck and move forward.

Most of these Cosmic Connections happen subconsciously. It might be by deciding to go to another store that you will come to meet your Cosmic Connection, or suddenly getting the urge to speak to someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time.

What matters is, we recognize their sole purpose in our life.

So, how to spot if who you meet is a chance meeting or a cosmic connection?

These Are The 7 Signs That You’ve Met Your Cosmic Connection:Signs Someone Cosmic Connection

1. You’re motivated and inspired.

Most often, your connection already lives some aspect of the kind of life you’re aspiring for. They come to remind you that it’s possible to obtain the lifestyles that you dream to live if you only put more focus and work into it.

If you meet someone that gives you inspiration, for no apparent reason, someone that whenever you are with you feel motivated, they are without a doubt your Cosmic Connection.

2. You’re reminded to slow down.

The physical world around you has come to move in a fast pace as in a whirlwind. You’re trying to cope up with everything, sometimes forgetting the spiritual aspect in you. Your connections will come to you to remind you that you need to slow down, and once again make a conscious decision in your life.

If you meet someone that gives you the urge to chill, or someone that might even make you angry of how easygoing and irresponsibly they live, they are your Cosmic Connection that reminds you to slow down and make time for yourself.

3. You’re being upset.

Not all lessons are learned through motivation and kind words. Sometimes you bump yourself against people who will force you out of your comfort zones and provide you difficult challenges. It may not be easy. But when you start to examine yourself, you’ll see what really upset you. You will get a chance to see the real cause that triggered you being upset so you can heal what is keeping you from moving forward.

If all of a sudden, you meet a person who upsets you straight to your core, there is something you need to unveil behind what upset you. They are your Cosmic Connection that points to what you need to heal in order to move forward.

4. Your routine is disrupted.

Your cosmic connections don’t care about your mundane routines. They care more about the bigger picture of your life as well as your journey. When they do come, expect to be shaken up. They’ll force you to re-examine your life, making you take into considerations your current way of living.

If you meet someone who derails you from your daily routines, in a way that it feels is stronger than you, they are your Cosmic Connection. These people will usually invite you to do something exciting, and you will have a great time, but you will feel strangely irritated that you are outside of your routines.

5. Your heart is being opened.

The material world cares only for your physical existence. It will make you close your heart to protect it. Yet, your connections come to help you open your heart once again. Opening your heart is the only way to discover your higher purpose behind every experience.

If you meet someone that inspires a powerful emotion of love, and it doesn’t have to be a romantic love, they are your Cosmic Connection. These people might be even strangers on the street who cheer you up after a bad day, or remind you that the world is not that bad.

6. You’re reminded of your purpose.

You are brought to Earth with a spiritual purpose. But, the daily grind can rob you of that purpose. The influences outside of you are so great you forget why you’re here. That’s what cosmic connections are for: to remind you of your spiritual connection. They lead you the way back to your purpose.

If you meet someone that inspires your passion for something, or reminds you how much you love doing something, they are your Cosmic Connection that reconnects you to your purpose that you might have forgotten about.

7. You’re healed.

The pain from the past often hinders you in your spiritual journey. Cosmic connections, at times, bring you spiritual healing. They allow you to face and overcome past experiences, heal what’s holding you back, and move forward with confidence.

If you meet someone that force you to face a past trauma or a current fear, they are your Cosmic Connection that wants to heal what’s holding you back.

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