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Stay In Check As The Celestial Movements This Week Are Bringing Some Intense Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

This morning, the Sun is entering in the sign of Pisces, joining the leisurely planet Venus, and the mental planet Mercury. Even the illustrious and imaginative planet Neptune is going to join this mix.

However, the side of Neptune is not impressive. Spirituality, peace, imagination, art, and compassion will be present in his terrain.

So, when you get on the right side of Neptune, you are going to feel the music; you will be overjoyed for the success of your friends; you will have the feeling that everything you want is really going to come to you right when it has to come.

You should unplug this week. Switch off devices, and pull up the blinds. Also, put on the favorite playlist, and visit the trees and plants.

Weekly horoscope meant for the personal shift which comes:


The inner child of the people born under this sign comes out in order to start to play. During this week, they are going to be infused with new experiences, date, bus ride, or meeting with some sense of probability. The ordinary and regular parts of their lives will be funny right now, and they might even enjoy themselves right where they are.


The people born under the sign of Aries will be the single thing in their own way during this week. They should know that they are not supposed to try to force the way forward. This week, they have to explore and learn new tactics, such as how to fight to restore their energy rather than draining them.


Taurus people should be very slow, but they should open their hearts. They have to realize that love does not follow any rules and love cannot be owned, so trying to keep it in life too hard will make it slide between their fingers. The strong influence of Neptune will soften the walls they have set up in order to protect themselves, as care and compassion for others would like to enter.


These people belong to the so-called scab-picker Zodiac sign. They are in general not that into wanting for things to happen. They are actually interested in everything that happens around them, and they simply want to form part of that. Such an attitude may be entirely cool, but it simply does not click at the moment.


The people who are born under the sign of Pisces will feel an excellent connection with Pisces, who is another water sign. The watery and creative side of this sign is fantastic for them, and they will be permitted to express their authentic self, given the approval and support of their friends and family.


The sleepy energy of this week will be like the notification for low battery on these people’s phones. They will be motivated to push the heavy and foggy week of Neptune and do everything they would have to do. Luckily, they are awesome leaders.


The people who are born under the sign of Virgo are recommended not to be the builder of their own unhappiness. They should make some space for their feelings and they should also be patient, especially with their levels of energy and they should meditate on their feelings while they work toward a specific, achievable goal as well.


Those people who have this sign should let this world know and realize how they feel. A lot of people around them would like to hear something more from them, and during this week they are additionally receptive. Also, relationships will feel magical during this week for these people.


The people born under the sign of Scorpio will have an excellent strategy in order to get all that they simply desire profoundly; however, it does not mean quite a lot right now. Astrological influences will be here to actually remind them that their experience is far more exciting or profound when they are in mystery, and moving around through darkness.


People in this sign should embrace changes. Also, the way in which they do some things looks like the most proper one as it is actually what they are used to. They are not supposed to push against the tide, but simply go with the flow and see where it is going to carry them.


Treating certain people like burdens or obstacles will hurt the people born under Capricorn. This week, they will feel resentful, deeply lonely and depressed. The reasons they have for holding other people at a distance makes sense. They have great empathy and more powerful need for controlling their experiences.


Aquarians should pay attention to their ethics at the moment. Their natural detachment actually keeps them amazingly objective; however, when some blind spot appears, it will be them. They respect the right of people actually to sway their way, and those people would like to do that for them.

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