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Your Soft Heart Isn’t A Weak Spot, It’s A Strength

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The competitive world of today seems to be transforming people into tough machines. It is no wonder that the soft-hearted feel like they won’t be accepted here.

But while others might look at soft-hearted people as weak, they are really brave for being themselves.

It is the soft-hearted person who will always make time for others. This is not to say that they will always be available. But they are the most likely to prioritize their friends, family or even strangers’ problems over their own.

To them, others’ problems matter on an intellectual and emotional level. They are most likely to feel the pain of the whole world, lie awake at night thinking about society’s problems, and cry for their loved ones.

This compassion extends to those kinds of people who do not deserve it and exploit them. But forgiveness is just as much a facet of soft-hearted people’s personality. Although people take advantage of them, the soft-hearted do not hold grudges.

Instead, they forgive. To most, it seems absurd. The soft-hearted people understand that this act of forgiving is not just for others but also for themselves.

It is a sign of emotional maturity because soft-hearted people recognize that resentment eats you up from inside. And it is because of forgiveness that many soft-hearted people have found inner peace. It has made them incredibly resilient.

The world can be tough to navigate for a soft-hearted individual. They might have gone through failure, rejection and exploitation. And because they are so in touch with their emotions, they are likely to feel more pain in their failures than others.

But a soft heart only bends. It doesn’t break. They may take time to heal, but they are resilient. No matter what gets them down, the soft-hearted people always bounce back with the same desire to spread love, compassion, and peace in society.

To be soft-hearted is to realize that vulnerability is not a weakness. The soft-hearted may take hit after hit, but they are always going to get back up.

They strive for happiness, for themselves and others. And most importantly, they lead with kindness, no matter what life throws at them. That is a testament to their bravery.

So, remember, value the soft-hearted people in your life, including yourself. To be soft-hearted is a strength, not a weakness.

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