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You Will Be Surprised To Find Out At What Age Your Confidence Will Get A Boost

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Today’s world has a trend of rising levels of mental illness among the youth of almost all countries. This includes depression, anxiety, BPD, but also and more commonly, the lack of self-esteem.

This lack has made the young generation more or less mechanical and self-hating, as they drudge on to get more and more qualification to earn, rather than learning something for the sake of learning something.

This trend has especially been perpetuated by social media too, as they keep acting like that is the latest fashion trend: looking at memes nonsensically and having a purposeless life, because they really never ended up liking themselves all that much.

In most cases, bad parenting has definitely had a role to play, as this millennial generation is probably the first one to be raised by two working parents. But, the trend has become more of a choice now.

But hey we are not here to discuss that; we are here to show you what the age of the highest self-esteem is.

A paper recently published in the Psychological Bulletin states that the peak of self-esteem is at the age of 60.

This is when you finally learn to let go of the wounds of your younger self, and learn to laugh it off as youthful fancy.

Also, it has been shown in the study that there is a slight decrease in your seventies, which might be owing to the fact that that is the age when most of the debilitating old-age related symptoms show up.

It is only natural to, even momentarily, blame yourself and hate yourself a little because some of them are results of your reckless lifestyle in your younger years.

The lesson to learn from this information is that right now as you think it is the end of the world, it truly is not. Yes, there absolutely be a time when you start loving yourself.

And that love will come gradually to a peak. So stop beating yourself up so much and try to enjoy the sights and sounds and aromas of your youth. It is a perishable commodity.


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