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Am I Psychic? See If You Are Showing These Signs

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Professor Xavier, is that you? But ,seriously, do you think you are a psychic? Someone who can delve beyond the seen into the unseen, and come out unharmed and in full control of their senses?

The art of being psychic is extremely rare, and seldom do people have it. It is a situation of hit or miss, where either you have it, or you don’t.

People have been trying to figure out since centuries, what can truly define a psychic. Some aspect, or some factor, that would posit you as someone who has amazing psychic abilities.


You are very intuitive, when it comes to situations, people, or events. The gut feelings you have regarding everything you may be doing, always turn out to be correct.

While it might be a case of coincidence at some points in your life, when it happens twenty times in a row, it must signify that you are not ordinary and possess the gift of latent psychic abilities.

Accurate Premonitions

What you dream, usually turns out to be true. This might also be dreams that you see in a trance-like condition.

These aren’t really dreams, but more like visions of snippets from the future, that you are somehow able to see. Again, this isn’t an ordinary thing to be a part of. It must mean you are different.

Character Assessment

You can judge people very well. They don’t have to be someone you might have known for long, but mere strangers that you have met at a particular point in life.

You understand them, and their motives very clearly, which makes you an intuitive person who can work well with people. For you stare deeply into a person, and their entire life comes in front of you.

Telepathic Abilities

This signifies that you have full access to someone’s mind, even when neither you, nor they have any idea about it. You might at times see flashes of things that aren’t, in any way, related to you.

This is the presence of your ingrained telepathic connection to this person, which is untrained and spontaneous, and over which you have no control.

If you can relate to the abilities mentioned above, know that the universe has blessed you with a very special gift. Tap into this innate talent of yours and make a difference to the lives of people around you!

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