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Simple Guidelines For The Beginner Dowser

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Dowsing is the ability to use your natural sensitivity to locate things and seek them, which otherwise our everyday brain and five physical senses aren’t able to do. It allows us to work from our homes.

There are very few things that dowsing can’t find and factors such as distance, time, height, date and location do not seem to play an important role here. Dowsing can help you find almost everything that you are looking for.

However, there are some vital basic rules that need to be followed by almost everyone who is looking forward to dowsing. To know what these rules are, continue reading!

1: Your mind needs to focus on everything at once. It might seem to be impossible in the beginning but it is the key rule of dowsing. Only if you are alert will you be able to seek something.

2: Your mind should be the most important aspect and for that, you have to shut down your everyday brain and five senses. If you want to see things in their true form and locate the truth then you have to shut your practical thinking brain. Your brain fills you up with a million thoughts, hence making it impossible to focus.

3: It takes a lot of practice. You cannot wake up one day expecting to perfectly perform dowsing. Examine yourself and check the results. You are bound to get better over time.

4: Questions play a very vital role because if they are incorrect, you cannot ever find the right answers. Therefore, make a list of proper questions and then try to seek for answers.

5: Specify your task otherwise it is like aiming in the dark.

6: Believe in yourself and your ability to dowse. It is the most vital step involved in this process. Hang on to it and it will develop over time after a number of trial and error.

7: Know your field of work. If you are looking forward to archaeological dowsing then make sure you have sufficient knowledge about it. Read books and other reference material to be well informed. It is the case with every kind of dowsing.

8: Be ready to take on new tasks. It’s okay if you haven’t tried it before. Just be bold with your application.

9: If it’s a question of time then you need to take it to account.  If time is mentioned then everything else will be according to that specific period.

10: Be specific with identities especially if it’s an animal or person. For example, if you are trying to locate a missing a boy then keep in your – I am looking for a boy with green eyes who is about 12 years old etc.

11: Wishful thinking comes when you allow your 5 senses to be active while trying to seek something, which in turn leads to failure. Make sure the senses aren’t intruding your process.

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