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Why Going Back To Your Old Relationship Is Proof Of Bad Mental Health

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Popular culture is abuzz with news of people dating, breaking up and getting back together and the general trend is people saying that this means that the couple belongs together.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you that that is not the case at all and this on and off dating is toxic to both parties in some way or the other.

In fact, this whole thing is known as recycling relationships and this never works out and quite frankly is one of the worst things one can do to their mental health.

Let us break this down, break ups happen for a reason, these reasons range from because of the person hurting you, because of toxicity and so on.

When you keep going back to this person, you are knowingly going back to the hurt and heartbreak that you have already gone through.

It is not like getting back with someone you loved/love after having broken up never works out or is always toxic but it cannot be anything but toxic until and unless both of you effectively talk about your problems and work on them actively.

Relationships are never easy, especially when it is between two people who live in denial about the things that cause them pain.

People often keep going back to their old relationships because of self esteem issues and it only makes things worse if one never addresses that it is after all a problem that needs solving and working upon.

There is also the question of equal effort. When going back to a relationship that you had gotten out of, you have to ensure that the effort is not one sided and your partner is as dedicated to making things work as you are.

Things will hardly ever pan out the way you want them to, so the best bid here is to make sure that you take of your own mental health because nothing is as important as that. Both of you have to be respectful about it.

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