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Decoding Sahasrara, The Chakra That Connects Us To God

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In Tantra: The realization of sahasrara is the goal of every yogi. It is the primary root of liberation.

Once sasharara has ben realized, rebirth in the world of illusions is no longer necessary. Sahasrara links us to the divine Sea of Light, the Kingdom of Light, out of which everything has emanated.

The sahasara lotus traditionally has 1000 petals. This number is symbolic and means unlimited.

Sahasrara is like an invisible Sun, in rest, existing above all the realms of creation, in unity.
Endocrine gland: the pituitary gland. Ajna and sahasrara have a close connection on the physical level. The pituitary gland is attached to the upper edge of the inner portion of the brain. It is the size of a small pea, and sits protected in a bony depression, the Turkish saddle, at the base of the skull. It produces melatonin (a chemical that produces sleep) which is affected by light. The pituitary gland is also involved in sexual functions but it is not yet quite clear how this functions. The hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary gland direct the activities of its ‘target’ glands elsewhere in the body. One of the pituitary’s hormones acts on the body’s tissues in general to produce growth in childhood and adolescence. The production and release of hormones from the anterior pituitary gland are affected by the hormones of the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland work close together. The posterior pituitary bears no secreting cells, but stores two hormones which are produced by the hypothalamus, and which are passed down the nerve fibers in the pituitary stalk. These hormones are oxytocin, which acts on a smooth muscles, and vasopressin, which is an antidiuretic hormone. Vasopressin acts as a water preserver in the body.

According to esoteric teachings, the pituitary gland is a remnant of an earlier phase of evolution, but not in the sense that it is pining away. The third eye, which was active in man’s earlier evolution, is not a physical organ, but a subtle one. The fact that is not active anymore, means that man does not know how to use it anymore.

With anahata, or heart chakra, we saw that the thymus atrophies after childhood. The same thing happens with the pituitary gland. As long as this gland is still working, the child is very connected with his inner world. When the gland begins to atrophy, the child becomes more self-conscious. At this point man looses his ability to enter the inner worlds. At a later age he will be able to gain access again, but this time by using his will.

Color: violet. Violet is at the end of the color spectrum and stands for the transition to the invisible realms. In relation to sahasrara it creates a connection with the divine essence in man, and with the divine itself. It is the gateway to the entire cosmos.

Violet has always been connected to priesthood. In this sense it is the color of Divine Love, goodness, purity an dedication. It is the magical color that sublimates everything to Spiritual Gold.

Psychic features: The crown chakra connect us with the Divine, with the Kindom of Light, with Christ. From the crown of the head a golden energy cord goes towards the divine source. We are all continuously connected with the Divine. Nobody is left alone. The golden cord nourishes us with divine food, inspiration and spirituality in the highest sense.
People with an unbalanced crown do not see the meaning of life, nor do they believe in the existence of the Divine. For them, life is just a coincidence, some molecules that came together and developed life on this planet. A purely biological event. Others who are blocked may adhere to a dominating church.

With the new age, sahasrara is turning into motion. Consciousness is expanding. Society and churches do not provide the answers to the spiritual questions that live deep inside man. People are looking more and more to what life is about and who they are. They are starting to see their place again in the vast cosmos, and are discovering what their destiny is.

It is a process each of us has to go by himself, but we can help each other on the path to the Divine Light.

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