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Thank You For Hurting Me! Just Know, It Didn’t Break Me

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have all come across people who broke our hearts. Be it a lover, a family member or even a friend, we have had our share of painful experiences.

People broke our trust, put us down, told us we were not worthy. And for some time, we actually believed those words.

Negative people filled our lives with their toxicity and we allowed them to. We got caught up in those moments and forgot to seek deeper.

We were so overwhelmed by our feelings that we missed on the moments that created those feelings in the first place. Though they seem all-consuming, making us feel like our world is ending, in retrospect, we now know that there was more to them.

Back then we thought the world was caving in on us. But now we realize how those negative experiences were actually opening our eyes to the world. It was all part of our process of growth. Our bones used to hurt in our growing years.

But did that stop us from growing physically? Similarly, these hurtful experiences are pushing us towards personal development. These were the challenges we faced and now we are standing tall, with all those experiences expanding our view.

We must be thankful for these experiences- for the ones who broke our heart, the ones who put us down, the ones who said we were not worthy. The ones who broke our trusting hearts taught us what we deserve.

They taught us our own worth and taught us to respect our worth. The memories we made with the wrong ones are still memories etched in our minds: we explored new places, learned new things, met new people, even got opportunities we probably wouldn’t have gotten without them.

The ones who put us down- without them, would we have learned how to stand back up? Without these people, we would not have learned to keep our heads high or let go of things at the right time.

The people who put us down taught us the difference between jealousy and criticism. They taught us what was worth our emotional labor and what wasn’t.

People kept telling us we could not do certain things, that we were not worthy enough. But guess what? That pushed us to achieve exactly those goals and who’s the real winner here?

The hurt these people caused made us work extra hard if only to prove them wrong. But, in the end, all that hard work and determination to prove ourselves right benefitted us.

So why not be thankful for all these people? They made us who we are today, even if the journey was rather painful. Maybe that’s what the Universe had planned for us?

The people who broke us were breaking our old mold and helping shape the new one. The better one. Those feelings of being broken inside were too heavy back then but it is important that we look beyond the feelings.

We must let go of negative feelings inside us- no revenge from the ones who hurt us, no ill-wishes for them. Only gratitude.

Be thankful for your experiences and move on. Life is waiting!

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