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Clairalience: Psychic Gift And The Extrasensory Perception Through Scent

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by Conscious Reminder

Smell is an incredible stimulator of our emotions and memories. It invokes our emotional sides in ways that no other means of sensory perception can.

You must have felt the deep meaning attached to certain scents like the smell of the rainfall on soil, the smell of your grandma’s cookies and the smell of your mother’s perfume.

You can instantly make your mind based on the smell as you decide in your subconscious weather the smell is off-putting or attractive. The powerful sense of smell is not limited to this physical realm and we often experience the divine guidance in form of different sensations. It can occur to people both psychic as well as non-psychic.

Clairalience (Clear Smell) is an extremely powerful psychic tool.

The people with a highly developed sense of smell are able to pick on the signs that other people usually miss on. These signs can be divine messages or spirit signals. You can also experience the familiar scent when the spirit of your loved ones is around. If you are experiencing the familiar smell quite often recently then it means that your loved ones want to communicate some important message to you.

When you smell these familiar scents, take some moments to really acknowledge that you experience the presence of the spirit around you and try to remember the memories that are associated with them. It is always better to see these encounters as gifts from your loved ones.

Angel Messages Through Clairalience

Angels can be noticed with strong senses as they send messages using clairalience. I feel the presence of the angel with a kind of floral smell. The scents of the Angels have no physical counterparts in this world and thus you can tell that the smell that you are experiencing is from the angels.

How Smell Impacts Our Lives

Recalling old memories.

A smell can take you back in the past with all the emotions and feelings that you had. A smell can make you relive the memories of the childhood that you have long forgotten.

Smell Helps You To Read Other People

Smell can evoke a certain psychic impression which can help you read other people.

Smell Can Help You Meditate

Some smells are very relaxing and soothing and thus are used by healers in their treatments. These smells help you to calm your mind and thus allows you to enter the deep state of meditation.

Smells Can Help You In Sensing Danger

On the physical level we all can smell danger and avoid it. It is only through smell that we are able to recognize leaking gas or rotten food. We can sense danger on the psychic level as well. We cannot define it but clairalience can tell us that something is not right.

Your Psychic Scent

We all have a natural scent that is in tune with our energy vibrations and thus others can be impacted with just our scent. People who are able to recognize this psychic scent of others can very easily read them and can know about them.

You can also develop clairalience and thus can get the insights form spirit guides and angels. All you have to do for this is to pay keen attention to all the smells around you.


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