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The 5 Twin Flame Relationship Phases: Resolving Karmic Patterns

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by Conscious Reminder

We are all trying to search a way to get out of our normal relationships or abusive relationships to get into the spiritually-rich twin flame relationship.

It is what our soul wants and craves. However, we are deluded to think that twin flame relationships are without their flaws. Just like all other relationships, twin flame relationships also have their own flaws. If you hear about how perfect a twin flame relationship is, do not fall for that lie.

Twin flames have been separated for thousands of years and each of the lovers have faced their own form of negativity. Eventually, you have to sort it all out within yourself to engage in a pure twin flame relationship. It is not going to be easy.

That’s why twin flames have to go through 5 phases in their relationship. These are the 5 phases of a twin flame relationship:

1st Phase – Preparation

This happens when you first encounter your twin flame. During this phase you have go through the feeling of karmic relationships. Karmic relationships are those relationships where you had felt too strongly, invested too deeply but then, you broke off.

After such a Karma-based relationship, you can start finding The One somewhere around or within you. You can come in contact with your love in your fantasy or dreams. You will know the image of your Twin Flame, but you may not yet know where they are. Just a glimpse in your soul.

2nd Phase: The encounter

Finally, you will meet the physical form of your twin flame. You might be hesitant at first but you will fall in love with them. And when you do, you will enter into perfection for some time. The first meeting will be strange and can even be unexpected. Maybe it will be in a place you least expected to see a twin flame.

However, you feel special about this person. Then, your attraction level will begin to rise. You will form a relationship, and it will be almost perfect. During this period, your twin flame would be able to surface all happy memories of your past, of both of you together within you.

3rd Phase: The Karmic Dance

The Karmic Dance is the tough phase. You have been in the relationship for some time now and the negativity is slowly getting up to the surface. It becomes difficult to process and generally, the two of you should support each other in the cleanliness process.

It will help you reach the heights of spirituality. You become enlightened and gain a glimpse of what the spiritual reality is or looks like. However, there are certain things that could happen during this phase. There will be a lot of arguments as the negativity of your partner and yourself comes up and comes in conflict with each other.

You and your partner could see only the negativity of each other and as a result, they will end up blaming one another. The blame game starts and frustrates you. It also leads you to a sense of confusion of the highest order. However, this is a spiritual confusion – we cannot use logic to decipher it.

Once this argument reaches the zenith, one twin flame, generally the Man, becomes the Runner. They avoid their partner and try to get away from a relationship. The Runner knows that they are losing all control and thus, the defense mechanism of the Runner comes up. This happens when they have faced trauma and abuse in their past life.

On the other hand, there is the Chaser – generally, a woman. The Chaser will try to get after the runner and remain committed to a relationship. The Chaser will be shocked that the partner is running away.

So, there will a conscious effort on the Chaser’s part. The result, when the Runner confronts the efforts of the chaser, they will get a Soul Shock – a period of spiritual enlightenment. Finally, the runner returns and Karma brings back the resolution.

4th Phase – The Reunion

The split soul has now come back and become One. They are reunited. This time, the reunion will take place with the soul first and then, it will happen physically in the form of a divine marriage. Now, the lovers are aware of the entire spiritual reality of each other.

5th Phase – The Bliss

In this phase, you are happy and in perfect love. It is a sacred phase to be in. Your intimacy is on a record high and you can see the world as a canvas with lovely colors painted on it. Overall, you are in love and eternal bliss – ready to go on an adventure with your twin flame.

Color your twin flame relationship with the brightest colors of love.

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