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The Order of Grigori Angels & Why They Are Important

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to better understand the Grigori Angels and who they are, you need first to understand the meaning of the word ‘Grigori.’

This word is from Greek origin, from the word ‘egrgoroi,’ which translates ‘The Watchers.’ With this, you will better understand who they are. In fact, they are a group consisting of angels that revolted against God. The rebellion of these angels resulted in falling. 

These angels or watchers are quite popular. They appeared in a lot of series and movies. We know them best for their falling to our planet, and sleeping with female humans, and resulting in the Nephilim. The tale actually comes from Prophet Enoch. The Enoch described not just the actions of these angels on our planet, but their fall too.

The Watchers of Grigori Angels in Enoch

The Enoch calls the rebellious angles with one specific name: The Children of Heaven. This tells us that these angels were holy ones of Jesus Christ or also celestial beings, right before they became rebels. The total number of these angles was 200. They also had a lot of chiefs that were called The Chiefs of Tens.

However, the most notable of all the chiefs were Semyaza and Lucifer. Some other chiefs that served under Semyaza were: Rameel, Arakeb, Tamel, Danel, Ramel, Braqyel, Ezeqel, Asel, Arbaros, Batrel, Ananel, Zaqeel, Arzyal, Kestarel, Sasomaspweel, Yamayol, and Turel.

When these 200 Grigori or watchers descended to our planet, they started teaching humans secret arts, like magic, alchemy, dark healing practices and methods, rituals and incantations. Azazel was one of the teachers.

He taught human beings about making weapons and starting a war. Some other watchers taught other different sacred knowledge. Hence, Amasras taught humans about astrology and Zodiac signs.

In the meantime, other Grigori Angels decided to commit adultery with human females, which resulted in the Nephilim giants. Such giants turned against human beings, and they killed and cannibalized them, and drank their blood.

Why are these angels said to be dangerous?

First of all, this is as they are the so-called fallen angels. They have not only brought the war in the world, but they also brought sins, corruption, hate, and oppression. The Enoch even tells what has happened after they transformed this world into a complete “hell.”

The archangels such as Gabriel, Michael, and Sarafel, made the decision to convince our God about taking action for stopping all the suffering that people experience on the planet. This is also the time when he decided that it was the time for the Great Flood, the one which is going to wipe away all life, not just the wicked.

Then, God gave Raphael the secret mission, which was about capturing Azazel, who was the war demon and then threw him away in the dark. Then, Raphael came to our planet and made an enormous hole in the desert. After that, he cast Azazel in the hole.

Gabriel was also given a significant mission, which was about destroying the Watchers’ children, called Nephilim Giant. Then, Michael became the messenger.

After that, God sent him to the Watchers’ chief Semyaza, in order to tell him about their near end. Then, all of the Watchers ended up buried under the rocks until their judgment day.

When they were informed that Jesus Christ is going to bind them, together with their children and wives for 70 or more generations, the Watchers called upon the Enoch in order to offer them some help.

They beg the Enoch to actually write them a prayer in order to ask our God to forgive them. Then, the prophet wrote down and read the prayers until he fell asleep. He had a revelation in the sleep which was about the Watchers and the prayers which God will not hear.

Hence, the end of the Watchers is going to be inevitable. And, the last message to them from God through Enoch was that as they rejected to go to heaven, they are not going to have peace.

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