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Why Do You Always Date Similar People?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Most of you would be thinking, ‘Really?’ But it is true. Every human being has a type, and unless someone falls into the category, they are usually someone they wouldn’t date. And while it has both pros and cons, it is what it is.

As humans, you have the right to like something and abhor something else. But, it might not be prudent enough to be so fascist that anyone outside your set boundaries would be quickly scraped off.

For, it is no assurance that anyone belonging to your category, or your preferences, would be a good person or even the right person for you.

It is simply what you feel, and trust us, what is true and what you feel are two wildly contrasting opinions.

And when you end up separated, you quickly denounce all variants of that particular gender, even though you were the one to group them in the first place.

What we are trying to say is, while you can always choose who you want to date, you might as well go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, the shoe might fit.

For those still disbelieving, science does have the answer. According to several human sociologists, a human prefers someone they feel identified with.

This means that if you have a family filled with abusive, toxic members who would always neglect your requirements and simply use you, that is the kind of human being you are most likely to date. It doesn’t mean that they are a good fit- they simply fit YOUR bill.

If you come from a loving, pampering household, you would want someone who would pamper you all the time.

In this case, they would be more of a babysitter, than a potential partner. You want someone close to you, who you have always felt related to.

A human being can’t possibly be expected to completely change their choice after breaking up with someone, because that is who we are- a creature of habit.

Even if we are used, humiliated by someone who is adept at manipulating us, we would still be hooked onto them like moths to a flame.

In several cases, the desire to be with someone we identify with comes as a result of the walls we have built around us.

If we have grown up with the idea that we are undeserving of the least bit of respect or love, we would want to be with someone who would treat us ill.

In this process, we miss out on great humans, simply because we don’t feel that rush. In short, we want to recreate our childhood in the people we want to be with.

One other reason why we keep dating the same kind of people is that we get accustomed to a form of living, which we don’t want to change.

Humans, as a rule, don’t like change, and even if a relationship goes sour, we might break up with them only to be with someone that could look the same, be the same, or treat you the same way.

And while you could be thinking that this person is different from who you previously dated, based on a few superficial differences, at the core, they are the same person.

Unless you make a complete overhaul of what you like, and who you are, you are bound to love the same kind of humans.

Yet, the changes can be made once you realize the mistakes you have been making, and going back to the root of the problem.

You can’t change your childhood, but you can definitely change the way you see it. Instead of thinking that’s how things are supposed to be, try imagining things a little different, and try being with someone different.

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