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Smart People Do Better With Fewer Friends And Science Explains Why

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by Conscious Reminder

How to make our lives well lived is a question that we all have. For some, it is being surrounded by family and having a lot of friends to hang out with. For others, it is being surrounded by a select handful of people.

But have you ever wondered who smart people surround themselves with? How many friends they keep around themselves? You’ll find that these smart people have very few friends around them and here is why:

What would make most people happy?

A new research published in the British Journal of Psychology looked into the idea of happiness and found that the prime sources of human happiness are the same today as they were thousands of years back. People who lived in less densely populated areas tend to be happier. They also found that the people who had frequent interactions with their close family members reported more happiness in their lives due to their satisfaction from the quality of their life.

But, smart people are an exception

The study found one very interesting trend in the data of the people with high IQ that they experienced much more effect of population density. They tended to be happier when they were interacting less with their friends and other people around them. So, what exactly is the reason behind this?

Smart people are focused on Long Term Objectives

Smart people are driven by a sense of purpose. They have a higher objective in front of them and thus they want to use their intelligence to create something larger than themselves.

They know that if they want to pursue their dreams, they’ll have to sacrifice something. They prefer to stay at home and work rather than going out on a weekend. This unsocial behavior of these people does not mean that they do not value friendship, it is just that they are more focused on achieving greatness.

How Smart People Developed Differently During Evolution of the Human Brain

In the process of evolution, we learnt to depend on our close friends for survival and this ability to socialize was a key in our survival. But the people who were smart were able to device ways to thrive even without the help of others. They had a better ability to manage and solve new problems.

Smart people adapt to the changing environment and thus have an easier time dealing with the modern world problems. They do not need to be dependent on others for the sake of their survival. They can thus live in the highly populated areas and can suppress the need to socialize in order to focus on their goals and ambitions.

Smart people value relationships in a different way.

Smart people also value relationships and friendships just like others but they are more selective in choosing people with whom they would like to spend time with. They are also very selective about when and how they spend their time. This shows that even though they cherish friendships and personal relations, they still keep their dreams and ambitions above everything else.

So, do not think that all the smart people are introverts. Believe me, they can be very friendly and a lot of fun to be with.

We know you are smart, but do you fall in the group with fewer friends?

We would love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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