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Partial Solar Eclipse On August 11th: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

There will be a significant astrological phenomenon, less than a week from now, on the 11th of August: The solar eclipse. The solar eclipse has always fascinated men and women since the dawn of human civilization.

This particular solar eclipse has significance related to the fact that it will happen in conjunction with retrograde Mercury. The main focus this time would hence be internal. Mercury retrograde causes things that essentially deal with miscommunication. These include things like, emotional distress, being misinterpreted, being rude, being too polite, intentions coming off wrong, etc.

Solar eclipses are astronomically charged up events that boost things in the sign they occur in. This particular eclipse will be in conjunction with events concerning Pluto and Jupiter.

Also, it will be a partial solar eclipse.

The following celestial bodies will be in conjunction/affected/affect the solar eclipse:

1. The star Merak

Merak, better known as ‘Beta Ursae Majoris’, is one of the stars of the northern circumpolar constellation, Ursa Major. Astrologically speaking it is the star of love and relationships. Given the conjuncts in the sky, Merak’s effects will be profound in that it will help you move on, from the emotional/romantic traumas of the past.

2. Pallas, the asteroid

Pallas is named after Pallas Athena, the wisest of the goddesses among the Greeks. She symbolises wisdom and learning and presides over an individual’s educational endeavours. In conjunct with the solar eclipse, the asteroid will produce positive effects in individual’s cognizance affairs, things like studies, career and general awareness.

3. Mercury retrograde

Along with Pallas, and Mercury’s retrograde motion will drive all the energies you possess inwards, into thinking, deliberating and deciding. My writing coach had once said that it is always better to spend a year planning than ten years writing and rejecting. It is a valuable lesson when it comes to anything that remotely resembles art and has some creative potential.

4. Alpha Cancri

Also known as the star Acubens, Alpha Cancri is the star of violence and strife. With Mercury in retrograde motion, and with the solar eclipse, these things will get a boost of energy. The solar eclipse is like a catalyst for astrological phenomenon; they just make things more intense.

With mercury retrograde, miscommunication is going to happen and strife is but only a foot away from miscommunication.

At the same time, Acubens is also the star of applied intellect. This means, yes, the situation will be sticky and violent, yes, but at the same time, you will find a way out, using your own intellect and wit.

5. The Great Jove

Jove, or Jupiter is the largest planet and by far the most majestic of them all. And for good reason too, given that he stands in for the king of the gods of Rome whose name he bears. Jupiter stands for pride and arrogance and all things kingly. Kindness of this celestial body makes kings out of the lowliest of men, figuratively.

The solar eclipse will give you a boost regarding this as well. This is in line with ecliptic tendencies. But one must not forget something really important here: the resultant pride will come at a time when miscommunication will be rampant. Lives, reputations, etc. are at stake here.

It doesn’t take much to make plans backfire when it comes to a phase when Mercury is moving backwards.

Finally the quincunx planet Pluto makes for the possibility of a crisis majeure. A lot of adjustments would be needed in order to make things flow well and proper.

With so many things going on with this particular solar eclipse, it would be interesting to see the effects of it on the broader political spectrum, given it will affect everyone’s minds.

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