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5 Important Turning Points In Your Spiritual Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual Awakening usually comes as a result of major shifts. Experiences can be countless, and each and every one of them will open a new door for you. In most cases, Spiritual Awakening represents a sign of the progress we have made individuals and shows that we have grown to seek peace and love in everything we do .

What is really of crucial importance is the fact that Spiritual Awakening isn’t something that will raise you above the others. What is more, it will teach you that we are all equal and come from the same source. It brings about authenticity and humility.

If you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, any of the turning points listed below then chances are you are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening in your life.

1. Physical Turning Point

Physical Turning Points (PTP) usually happen when people go through traumatic experience which gave their life a completely different direction.

A common example of such a turning point can be serious accidents, car crashes, terminal illnesses, the death of a loved one and many other unpleasant event that leave a person emotionally crippled. This type of turning point is potentially the most drastic. It highlights the importance of seeking spiritual change peacefully and consciously.

2. Mental Turning Point

Mental Turning Points (MTP) is a type of turning point that comes after one has made a sub-conscious breakthrough in their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Such shifts as often triggered by letting go of past experiences and difficulties and cutting energy ties.

The MTP leads to Spiritual Enlightenment in a gentler and more gradual way. It’s a bit of a slower process.

3. Financial Turning Point

A Financial Turning Point (FTP) has to do with the direction one’s life is going financially.  It doesn’t matter if someone’s overall wealth is increasing or decreasing, a FTP can happen either way.

There have been people experience a turning point at the peak of their financial success and people experience a turning point at the lowest point in their life.  But the overriding factor is a desire to change. An example of a Financial Turning Point is when a very wealthy man realizes that what he has means nothing to him.  So, he leaves everything and sets off on a spiritual journey.

4. Emotional Turning Point

Emotional Turning Points (ETP) are the generalized “Turning Point” because most Spiritual Awakenings are not a single event but a combination of events that lead people to Spiritual Awakening.  All Spiritual Awakenings are, in effect, Emotional Turning Points because it is the human emotions that connect individuals to all things. It is the ability of emotion that brings awareness of ourselves and of others.

5. Reflective Turning Point

The Reflective Turning Point (RTP) can take different forms. It can manifest itself as physical distance, emotional distance and time gaps. All three reflection criteria have value, but perhaps time is the most significant one, because with a gap of time one can more clearly analyze things because their mind has had the opportunity to deal with it sub-consciously.

Physical distance is also important because it helps us see the bigger picture. If you have never left the nest, you know of nothing else to compare it to. You have to leave your home for some time, or forever, but do something. It’s the only way to continue your journey of Spiritual Awakening.

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