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9 Facts Proving Narcissists Can’t Love Anyone Else But Themselves

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by Conscious Reminder

We should all admit that we all have some narcissistic habits. For example, some of us brag about our professional success, post our personal photos on social media, or we buy some expensive things in order to show that we are well off. There are a lot of other examples.

So, how can we make the difference between a person that is a narcissist and a person that just brags?

Well, science was the one that gave the answer to the question, because there is Narcissistic personality disorder officially recognized.

The Narcissistic personality disorder is the mental condition that consists of having the constant need for domination and attention over other people, building problematic relationships, self-importance on the highest level, and almost without understanding for the feelings of others.

However, can they love? Well, they can feel some attraction to people, but it will not be real love. The real problem with them is that they are actually deprived of additional qualities that are needed to love someone else. Because of that, they are not able to build a more profound relationship with their partner.

Here are the nine facts which prove that narcissistic people aren’t able to love other people, except themselves:

1. Superiority

Narcissists expect other people around them to be flawless and perfect, most of all their friends and family. When someone else is better than them, they will feel envious and angry. Narcissists are insecure. Their partner needs to meet the needs and requirements of the narcissists for perfection. And, when they do, the narcissists will feel envious or start underestimating the hard work and efforts of their partner.

2. Pretend that they care

During the first several months of dating, the passion between narcissists and their partners is strong, acting like the most adorable and lovable individual. However, with time, narcissists will start ignoring their partners, putting themselves in the first place. Also, they will not even care about their partners unless they feel they look awful in the eyes of someone else.

3. Emotionally unstable

Narcissists are emotionally unstable. Because of this, their aims and desires change constantly, and the decisions they make are not final. Sadly enough, their changing personality will be the main reason for leaving several partners for a short time after they have started the relationship.

4. They do not respect the personal space of others.

Narcissists act like kids aged 3, who do everything they would like to. So, the partner of a narcissist should be prepared; however, his or her boundaries will not be respected but abused instead. Being suffocating or obsessive with the person that they should love is not even love.

5. They never realize the pain that they cause.

There is nothing in the world that can make narcissists understand the toxicity of their character because the only thing they care about is their emotions and opinions. Even though narcissists will claim that they understand other people’s pain, it is not true at all.

6. They have hidden fears

One of the biggest concerns of narcissists is that they could one day be abandoned. This is the reason why a narcissist hardly every trusts other people and acts jealous of his or her partner. This is not real love for sure.

7. They tend to be anxious

Narcissists are usually affected by this condition, and they tend to project it on their friends or family. They do this with the purpose to transfer their problems on their partner so that they can feel normal. However, that is impossible. Narcissists enjoy when someone else is sad, and feel happy when the distress and anxiety of other people grow. Because of this, they are not capable of forming a healthy relationship or loving.

8. They only think about themselves

When two individuals are in love, they care about each other’s feelings. Sadly, narcissists don’t bother themselves with such things. They are not able to understand the feelings of other people who were let alone and made sacrifices, and they don’t even think about the consequences of their actions.

9. They are not capable of loving

What makes a narcissist incapable of showing love or forming emotional bonds is his or her constant need to self-protect themselves or their lack of sympathy. They are not able to walk in the shoes of other people. They are said to be emotionally blind, or incapable of making real friendships and finding their life partner.

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