Waking Up To Your Life Purpose

The great Indian sage Swami Vivekananda had once famously quipped that a life without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. Without a purpose a man just cannot survive in a dignified manner.

It doesn’t happen suddenly either. People are known to wander around for years and years, aimlessly loitering, changing jobs, losing their way in life, getting into addictive behaviour and wrecking their second chances in life irreversibly.

However, if one is diligent, loyal and faithful, one needn’t worry about the circumstances I described above.

Also, the universe takes its time when choosing the right people. Only and only when the time is ripe, when you can finally implement all that you have learnt in life, will the universe let you do so.

Otherwise all the lessons go wasted.

Also, the obvious question to ask about now is: what about the millions who actually do end up losing track in life?

Well, it’s not really over for them yet. The cycle of births and rebirths is long and souls often carry the prerequisite knowledge over to the next life and fulfill their destinies then.

The secret is to never ever lose hope in the universe’s better judgment.

Now how does one discover one’s life purpose?

There are two primary ways in which it has been done before, by people of name and fame.

One, travel. The world is a book and the places you travel are like the chapters you read. Every new sight is a new thing you learn and every new person you meet and share experiences with, is important.

Many authors like Rabindranath Tagore and Geoffrey Chaucer, put special faith in traveling as a medium of self-discovery.

The second and more domestic method is to meditate and ask the deity who presides over your body the question: what have you created me for?

The secret is to seclude yourself and meditate deep and undisturbed. One needs to reach the ends of the universe and back, inside their minds to reach the answer.

But, once you do, the dawn of self-discovery and self-knowledge will shine on you.

Life from then on, is really a glorified and more eventful cakewalk.


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