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Which One Of The 5 Kinds Of Empaths Are You?

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by Conscious Reminder

We can really make most of our gift if we know and understand what kind of empath we are. Here, we will discuss 5 types, each of them with its authentic, empathetic abilities.

Here they are:

Physical empaths

Physical empaths are those that feel body energies which include sickness and pain. They usually become healers, in alternative or in western medicine. Usually, a physical empath can feel consciousness in his or her own body when he or she treats other people.

Moreover, he or she is able to see the blockages in the energy field of other people, so they have a better ability to treat that blockage and remove it from the person’s life.

If they choose some medical profession, they are going to have the ability to feel the pain of other people as it is theirs, in that way helping others in ways in which others in the same field are not able to.

Emotional empaths

Emotional empaths are definitely the most frequent empath type existing in the world. Those that are emotional empaths will know that as they can pick up or feel other people’s emotions quite easily.

They will feel those emotions just like they can feel theirs. They can feel unbelievably sad when other people experience sadness, or they can feel extremely happy also when others are happy.

One tricky part related to emotional empaths is to learn how to make a distinction between their own emotions and the emotions that belong to other people.

Sometimes, feeling other people’s emotions or their own emotions can incredibly drain them. Usually, emotional empaths start feeling crazy and start withdrawing from their society as they are not aware of their gift.

Plant empaths

These are empaths who know what exactly plants need, and they intuitively know how and where to plant. Plants and trees usually guide them, and they always ‘hear’ their needs. It is said that those who choose their profession in the field of farming or landscaping are called plant empaths.

One great thing about them is that they actually have the ability to unwind and also connect with our nature, feel energized instead of drained, just like other empaths do at times when they are surrounded something which turns their gifts of being empaths on. Spending more time in their garden will make their gift stronger, and their garden is going to thrive.

Animal empaths

Animal empaths are those that have strong connections with animals. They have the ability not just to feel their pain, but also connect with them telepathically, opening an entirely new communication world. A lot of animal empaths usually become animal communicators or veterinarian.

For those that still haven’t found their profession and know that they are animal empaths, they can try some professionals related to animals in order to find out where their gift is the strongest.

Claircognizant empaths

These are empaths who know every single thing about other people, simply by spending time around someone, they may have the ability to instinctively realize or know that they lie, or they may even sense when they are going to be called on their phone.

They also have the ability to read other people quite easily, without hearing the thoughts of those people but only by picking up on the energy signals they send.

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