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The Significance Of Having A Deep Blue Aura

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

An aura is like a fingerprint. No two people in the world have the same aura. This makes them different individuals and also same in a way. 

Auras are a halo of energy that surround you. Only very perceptive people or people with precognitive abilities know how to perceive them.

It is this aura that determines who you will be compatible with or not. Some people opine however that it is the other way around; that it is the personality that determines the aura.

But we aren’t getting into those details here. 

Every aura has a distinct shade of a color. That predominant color gives possible clues about the person.

Blue aura

Blue is the shortest wavelength of light and hence is the one most easily dispersed. It is also the end of the spectrum, hence the word ultraviolet which is basically beyond the blue part of the spectrum which ends with violet. 

These individuals are empathetic, sensitive and kind. They are peaceful. Cancers and Libras are seen most often with bluish auras.

They are the polar opposites of the red group, the other end of the spectrum, the longest wavelength; these individuals are warlike, passionate, intense and obsessive. They thrive on conflict and often on masochism.

It is like the Yin and Yang. You need right amounts of both worlds to thrive. 

Associated Chakra

The associated Chakra with the deep blue colour is the throat Chakra or the vishuddhi chakra. 

This is the chakra or purification and self-expression. The associated organ is the voice box and the deity presiding over it is Sadasiva, a manifestation of Shiva who is the inventor of the rudraveena, a form of lute. 

People with blue auras have known to be Precognitive more often than their red counterparts.

We chose the adjective deep very consciously. 

This is because deep blue auras symbolize implosion, the final fate of the soul. 

This is the color of discovery that the destination is the origin point, within you. That all the psychic powers one can wish for lie in the untapped potential of the subconscious. Only way to get there is to reflect and meditate. 

This process is foreshadowed by a deep blue aura. 

Ever been told you have one?

Try meditating. The answer you seek lies inside. 


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