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Why Do Empaths Feel They Can’t Fit Anywhere?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Art by Nathan Miller

Right before you discover who you are, as an empath, you may feel like an enormous square peg which tries to put itself into some small hole.

We are looking around the ones that glide through their life, as well as following all the rules given by society and also the ones that seem satisfied with the operating of the system.

Also, when they are not happy, they just never appear to question something, and they never blame the way in which the things are working. You are probably wondering why they see that so easy and you cannot.

In fact, there are a few reasons for the ‘sense of not belonging’ sensation which an empath possesses; one of them is the way they ‘feel.’

As the main characteristic of empaths is that they have the ability to experience, and to also feel the feelings and emotions of other people, you will probably think that this is going to give you a better connection to the ones surrounding you, but usually, that is not the case.

People often have the ability to tell when someone else feels nervous or when he or she is sad or angry. They may sense when a person is untruthful, and also when he or she pretends to be someone that they are actually not.

They have the ability to understand others by the way they feel, however, this does not imply that they are going to accept or like their ways. Empaths are gifted to feel good and also bad.

Empaths usually come in order to find out who they actually are, after they experienced intense and strong awakening or went through some challenging times.

As a result of that rude awakening, people may struggle when it comes to dealing with their emotions and also the emotions of other people. They can suffer from fatigue, overwhelming, and other different anomalies.

Spending some time around other people is not going to be tolerated, so they will have to spend most of their time in solitude. Furthermore, that will intensify the ‘strong sense of not belonging.’

Empaths need to pass through dark times in order to discover the light. This means that when they endure some hard times, and they work in order to change themselves for better, they also become better individuals. Such dark periods are actually the precursor to changes.

Every good which comes in your life is usually resulting from something terrible occurring. However, this is not the answer to the question about not-belonging too.

Even though every one of us is on the journey which carries lessons for us to learn, we may have the sense of not belonging in order to prevent us from standing quite still.

You will be supposed to continue moving and learning, as well as seeking out your own truth. You will also become healthier, stronger, and your empathy will increase.

Society constantly dictates to people, and it tries to continually tell them how they should think or be educated, or what they actually need in order to make them happy. However, what the society tells them is not going to make empaths happy.

People are not supposed to think, feel or look all the same. Every one of us is a unique individual, and we are all lied continuously, which makes us feel insignificant and insecure.

So, it is quite a surprise that Empaths feel as they do not belong. They can sense every hidden lie, manipulation or everything else around them. Being in a world in which everything seems wrong, it can be difficult to feel the right.

Such an intense sensation of not belonging may actually be connected with people that don’t belong to themselves too.

It does not matter if a person fits in with the outside world, as what really matters is if he or she fits in with himself or herself. In that way, they are going to find peace, as well as their sense of belonging.

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