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Venus Retroshade, September 3rd, 2023: Cosmic Relief Is on the Horizon

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by Conscious Reminder

The wait is finally over.

After months of heartache and exhaustion: Venus will turn direct and exit retrograde motion on September 3.

Since the pre-retrograde phase began on June 19, the energy will feel lighter and breezier, followed by the actual retrograde on July 22. The third installment of the planetary backspins. Yes, we’re talking about the retrograde’s post-retrograde period, also known as retroshade. The retroshade is when the strangest and most bizarre things happen, and this one will last until October 7. However, when Venus changes signs the next day, on October 8, the mood will be completely different.

In a retrograde, we return to the same degrees, or astrological points, as when the planet began to slow down before going retrograde. This means that we have another opportunity to investigate, debate, and deal with the situations that have arisen since the pre-retrograde phase.

Venus is one of two planets that orbit the sun in the opposite direction as Earth, the other being Uranus.  This means that the retrograde’s slowed effects are felt on a massive scale by us. This also means that the direct impact of Venus’s departure from retrograde motion will be felt on a similarly intense level. As a result, September 3 is a critical date because it allows us to make amends and strive for emotional fulfillment in the midst of turbulent energy. Our confidence will be at an all-time high, allowing us to speak from the heart and not hold back (in true Venus in Leo fashion).

We are reflecting and analyzing the past, as we do with every retrograde, in order to plan for the future and understand our current situations. We may decide to contact ex-lovers, reconnect with old friends, or mend our own hearts. Just because Venus is now moving faster doesn’t mean we won’t still pine for the past or seek to heal ourselves. The retroshade is pressuring us to resolve issues in order to progress. Our passions, like nostalgia, are more appealing than ever. This is the cosmic wake-up call that our hearts have been in since the pre-retrograde phase began on June 19. We are now taking steps to correct the situation and pave the way for a new beginning in our lives, so this is more of a time of letting go (which does not necessarily imply a breakup!).

The following is my favorite anecdote for Venus retroshade. During the Venus retrograde, a couple who had been bickering nonstop since June 19 (the post-retrograde zone) hit a snag in their relationship. They are unsure whether to keep the partnership, try to make it work, or let it go. They are still and frozen in time. When the post-retrograde period begins, they are able to comprehend the gravity of their actions and make future decisions. The couple is aware of their role in the fight, which began on June 19 and has since escalated. Understanding how they treated each other is a critical first step toward reconciliation, which could take place on October 7, when Venus exits the post-retrograde zone. This story serves as a reminder that retrogrades are circular, and the story begins during the pre-shadow phase and continues until the post-shadow period ends.

Hopefully, the lessons learned during this retrograde will assist us in defining what we want in matters of the heart and improving our ability to express our deepest feelings to others. The drama factor remains, which is why it’s best to take a breather before making any decisions. Consider what you desire on a soulful, romantic, and spiritual level.

As always, focus on your needs and prioritize them.

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