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Scorpio/Libra Venus Retrograde: October 5th — November 16th

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are an uninitiated novice in the world of astrology, the term retrograde might seem a little obscure to you. 

The explanation is such: thanks to differences in the revolution speeds of planets, sometimes, for planets with smaller orbits, they appear to be moving backwards through space from Earth.

This backward motion, when compared to Earth, is called a retrograde.

The most common planets to retrograde are Mercury and Venus. Mercury has the shortest of orbits among all the planets, while Venus comes second. Mercury, as a result, retrogrades every three-four months, while Venus, which is often called Earth’s twin, along with names like the morning star or evening star, retrogrades every one or one and a half years. Its retrograde phases last for a month and a half on average.

Whenever retrogrades are caused, they cause the ruling quality of the planet to go off. Example: Mercury is the messenger planet and rules over communication. Every time Mercury retrogrades, communication goes haywire and things are misinterpreted while good intentions go unnoticed.

Venus rules over love and attraction. You understand where we are going with this?

Also, there is something to remember; retrogrades or any other celestial activity takes on the form of energy for the ruling principle of the constellation they occur in, influencing them, sometimes aggravating them too.

This is going to happen quite badly this time, especially because the ruling constellation this time is Scorpio.

Scorpio is the obsessive one, always trying to dominate, plot, manipulate, seduce and blackmail. Combine all these vices or whatever you want to call them, with the fact that Venus is the goddess and the ruling deity of love, and you get quite the combination. 

There will be obsession in the relationships that have a Scorpio as one of the concerned parties. But, this time it will be aggravated by a large proportion. Moreover, there will be jealousy, suspicion and seduction that might not lead to anything productive later on.

Scorpios thanks to their self-obsession, love to confide; they will take you through voluminous stories about themselves and their lives, with or without you asking them.

To make matters worse, Jupiter will be in Scorpio while things go down there. And that is a huge energy boost for qualities you don’t want to face. But it might also make things end better because Jupiter is after all a more or less jovial planet.

Scorpio has one thing right at home and that is animal-like s*x. So, if you have had a hot ex, there might be an especially bad urge to give them a call, when you know how things were toxic. Our advice: DON’T DO IT.

The other half of the aspects under discussion is quite bland. Libra is the other constellation that is going to welcome Venus, later into its retrograde. It is the symbol of justice, and just so; coincidentally, Jupiter, who rules law and justice because of his kingly status, is going to move into Sagittarius when the retrograding Venus moves into Libra.

This may cause some political breakthrough of some kind. Especially from a woman, given that it is Libra x Venus. Both constellation and planet are women-centric.

Venus is the epitome of femininity, and Libra is one of justice and equity, symbolised by Lady Fortune’s scales.

And that is not surprising, given the fact that women are rising in the world of politics more and more. It has not even been a week since Jacinda Ardern, the leader of New Zealand, went to the UN, with her partner and baby to deliver a speech.

We may be in for quite the ride.

Moreover, the day Venus ends its retrograde cycle, Mercury begins one, in Sagittarius. So that ought to be quite the ride anyway.

Let’s see what these energies brings to us in the coming month(s). 

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