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The Secret Dark Side of Being an Empath That No One Talks About

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by Conscious Reminder

The dark side of empathy is rarely noticed or discussed. Nonetheless, it exists and can poison the life of an empath.

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in the shoes of another person and comprehend their thoughts and feelings. An empath is someone who can accurately feel the emotional well-being of others by resonating with them on many different levels.

It is unknown how empaths acquire this ability, but many believe it is innate and passed down through our DNA.

Everything in the world resonates to an electrical energy, and empaths are thought to be able to sense changes in this electrical energy around them.

Empaths are generally thought to be sympathetic, caring, sensitive to others’ feelings, and compassionate souls. So, would it surprise you to learn that being an empath has a negative side effect?

Because of the nature of empathy, many people rely on empaths for support and guidance. It also means that empaths see much more of the world than we do, which can cause issues in various areas of their lives.

The Dark Side of Empathy

• They cannot handle their own emotions

You’d think that because an empath is well-versed in emotions, they’d be experts at managing their own, but the truth is that they’re constantly fighting to keep these emotions in check. Because they are so sensitive to other people’s emotions, especially sadness, it can sometimes lead to depression.

They struggle to distinguish between their own and others’ emotions and must seek out other empaths to share their concerns with.

• They are taken advantage of

Because empaths are trusting souls who always believe in the goodness of others, they are frequently exploited by the less scrupulous among us.

Empaths are naturally generous and kind, and they are givers, which can attract those who only take and never give back. When an empath realizes they have been duped, they can easily sink into a deep depression.

• Dealing with negative energy causes exhaustion

Empaths must deal with a massive amount of information as a result of their sensitivity to electrical energies. As they try to make sense of it all, they may feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

They are especially vulnerable to negative energy because it irritates them greatly. When all they can detect is negative energy, they can quickly become exhausted.

• They neglect themselves

Empaths are more likely to neglect their own well-being, including their mind and body, because they prefer to give to others rather than receive.

As empaths become exhausted from the stress of what they experience, it is all too easy for them to forget to take care of themselves.

• It’s difficult for them to fall in love

Because an empath has witnessed all of the world’s cruelty, they find it extremely difficult to devote themselves completely to someone. They keep a small piece of their heart in reserve in case they are hurt in the future.

They cannot allow themselves to fall deeply in love because they are afraid that all that passion will be too much for them to bear.

• They often feel like they carry a heavy burden

Empaths are selfless people who are constantly bombarded with sensory information. They believe that their purpose in life is to assist others, but this places an enormous burden on them because they cannot possibly assist everyone with whom they come into contact.

Despite the risk to themselves, they would rather carry another person’s problems than disappoint that person.

Final words

Empaths should understand that it is not their responsibility to solve the world’s problems. They do not have to give themselves to everyone they meet in order to keep the dark side of empathy from taking over their lives. At the same time, they should let down their heart’s walls once in a while.

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