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Is There A Spiritual Significance To Flickering Lights

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Very common white horror movie trope, lights flickering, doors crashing and things crashing.

We all associate them with horror, ghosts, ghouls thanks to Scooby Doo and so many pop culture utilizations and misuses.

But let’s consider this for moment. How about just seeing these things as a medium of contact?

Imagine this for a minute: Your long lost friend has lost your number. He also finds out you don’t use your Facebook account much (yeah like that’s happening) and that you aren’t much of a Twitter person.

He finally decides to message you on LinkedIn of all places, because you can’t be contacted. And call it the universe’s will or whatever, but you reply and your friendship is reignited.

We all, everything living or non-living, vibrates. We all vibrate with a certain frequency w.r.t. the universe. It is this frequency that makes us who we are, that is, gives us an identity on the spectral plane.

It is also common for other dimensional beings, spirits included to contact people on other planes including this.

Contrary to popular belief, most spirits just need one last help or favor before they can rest. It’s usually something very mundane and personal, like playing with their favorite toy or something of that sort. It is almost sad that they being such omnipotent entities need help and assistances of this nature; thanks to the difference in planes.

But it is common.

Guardian spirits who want to protect you might be contacting you too. Their intentions are to watch over you and befriend you. Suspicious as it might sound, not all spirits have ulterior motives.

So let’s see, how do they do it?

They can’t call you. They can’t e-mail you. They can’t text you.

So what do they do?

Well, they contact you using the vibrations of the universe itself. They use people and objects and forces of nature to do this.

Light flickering might be just one of these signs. They can send you coins which you can pick up, feathers or other trinkets or simply visit you as a voice in dreams.

So don’t be afraid. Focus on the signal and look within you and your own unconscious. All answers to all questions lie there.


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