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A Libra New Moon And A Taurus Full Moon Rising This October: Your Way Is Not The Only Way

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by Conscious Reminder

This October we will witness a new Moon in Libra and a full Moon in Taurus. Both of these will have major effects on these two zodiac signs respectively.

It would be better if you learn about your aspects during this period so you can deal with the problems that these positions bring with it.

What it means for the Libras

The October New moon will be coming on the 8th at 11:47 PM ET in Libra. Since Libra is a sign of others, this means it will have an effect on relationships, on people and their connections with them. They should not be overly compromising, or negotiating and mediating but should try to be more diplomatic in these matters.

They should maintain peace and harmony within themselves and be better balanced with their spiritual side and mental state. Focusing on pending tasks will help Libras at this moment because when they are balanced, they will be more capable of taking better decisions.

Libras should start to work on their commitment issues. They should be more open to commitments this time. Try to reach out to other people, make connections and try to not make everything about yourself. This is the time when you might see different deals and entities merging and starting to work which had not worked before.

Other Configurations

But Venus will be going backwards, retrograde, at this point and that will affect Libras a lot. They will feel a bit off, and their energy levels may be a bit lower and more focussed on utilizing second chances. This will affect their relationships and so they need to invest more time in working through relationships and keeping a peaceful interaction with people. 

The new moon is also going to widely square Pluto in Capricorn. This is not a good sign. It means Libras must struggle to keep their peace because on one side, you will have an internal urge to either dominate or be dominating. Don’t do either! Find a middle ground, be diplomatic, be cool-headed and try to move forward as a team. Together.

What it means for the Taureans

The October Full moon will come on the 24th at 12:45 PM ET in Taurus. This means that Taurus can become more indulgent now, especially when they are upset or feeling an outburst of emotions. They should not rush into anything but rather focus on slowing down and making sure things fall in place with time. But Taurus get so lazy sometimes, they probably won’t get anything done.

Taurus is directly linked to finances. That means you may take smart and good decisions to increase your finances but may be punished for being too indulgent. Since you will be ruled by Taurus, you should have to focus on the values and what those values will bring in. You will be craving more stability as it will make you more confident in yourself. The more you will listen and take heed to other’s advice, the more you will feel extremely insecure about yourself.

What about Venus

This time the full moon will widely trine Saturn in Capricorn. That means you will have discipline and focus at this moment and it will help you to remain on the right track. You may even progress further with something you have done right in the past.

Also, this time the Full moon is opposite to Venus, which in turn is moving back into Scorpio. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and both moons are retrograde this time. That’s a strange sign! It means retrospection. A lot of the things from the past will be coming back and it will be very uncomfortable to stand face to face with them.

After all, Taurus can be so stubborn and childish sometimes. It is the moment when you have to keep calm and try to stabilize your inner core. Look at things from another perspective and you’ll be more understanding.

If you are a Taurus or a Libra, don’t be too worried. Keep calm and be decisive and you are going to swim smoothly through this month. 

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