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5 Ways To Get In The Abundance Flow And Stay There

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by Conscious Reminder

In metaphysics, May is the month of great wealth and abundance. It is the year’s fifth month, and from a numerological point of view, 5 is a number which signifies expansion, success, and growth.

Also, the date 5/5 is definitely one potent date for manifesting abundance and prosperity. The energy of this date will carry us in the weeks that come.

We should think energetically when we are manifesting money. Every single thing is energy, also including our own resources. Staying in abundance’s flow means that we use the already existing wealth to create something more. This actually requires keeping our body, spirit, and mind attuned to energies of success and empowerment.

Here are the five ways in which we can get started living our lives fulfilled with great abundance:

We should harness gratitude’s magic.

Gratitude belongs to the most potent attraction magic forms. When we appreciate what we have, we open the channels for more to come into our lives. The Universe always gives more to the people that delight in the gifts provided by it, with appreciation and pleasure.

We should take the needed time in order to reflect on every single thing we are grateful for – small and big things alike. We should harness the magic that gratitude possesses.

We should incorporate affirmations in our daily practice.

We have all sometimes fall into the web of negativity which affected our whole day, week, and maybe a year. Our thoughts shape our reality, and that is why it is really important to have a positive mindset. With the use of affirmations, we can offset negative energies and thoughts.

We can think of five affirmations which will profoundly resonate with us. Every time we find ourselves slipping into such negative thoughts, we should recite the mantras. And, we will feel how our thoughts start functioning in ways which energize and support us.

Show gratitude to planet/Goddess Venus.

From the astrological perspective, the planet Venus isn’t only one of relationships and beauty. It is one of money too. Venus is governing the way in which we receive energy.

When talking about attracting abundance, our capacity to receive would be more significant than anything else. We can create our own altar with gems, perfumes, and flowers inspired by Venus. Moreover, we should add some Aphrodite Perfume, lavender, and roses.

We should learn how to let things go.

The release process is as significant as living a prosperous and abundant life. In fact, whether we are clinging onto physical objects which we no longer use and need, an undesired relationship, or also a set of beliefs when we hold onto something too tightly, our energy flow will be restricted, and it will not allow us to receive anything that does serve us.

When we attract more abundance into our lives, we should practice letting go. When we release low energies, we are going to create an energetic and physical space and even invite more prosperity, love, and light that will flow toward us.

We should be generous.

Living abundantly actually means sharing everything we can with other people, and also trusting that our Universe is going to share the generosity it has with us when we also have and share our generosity with it.

We should incorporate the generosity spirit into our lives in some small ways – this may be really simple, such as donating things that we don’t need or even money every month. Practicing generosity is going to help us leave our scarcity thoughts behind and have in mind that we do have what we need, for ourselves and beyond.

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