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Crystals For The Adventurous Explorer

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The Amorphous Minerals

Do you love to travel? Are you constantly inspired? Is play as essential to you as food?   Have you tried a variety of career paths? Variety truly is the spice of life for those with amorphous personalities. They are the adventurous explorers of humanity and no environment is out of reach for them. Rule breakers by nature, these individuals enjoy the company of minerals who also are not bound by the parameters of the other crystalline systems.

Contrary to the rest of their stone family, the amorphous minerals did not have eons of time to crystallize. Whether meteorites from outer space, or volcanic glass erupting from the belly of the planet, or being born from a chemical cocktail in an ancient pond, amorphous minerals emerge. They are created in unique environments with a beauty that is specifically their own. Correlated with the Platonic Solid of the dodecahedron, amorphous minerals transmit the element of ether, the spiritual energies from which physical life emerges.

These amorphous stones connect us with the power to explore the etheric energies in which our creativity is born. Inspiration requires exploration, and the creativity that results requires experimentation, so these stones promote the flexibility, playfulness, enthusiasm, and curiosity that the pioneers of every discipline embody. Explorers chart new territories and it is through them that our culture evolves, even into the innermost reaches of the Soul.

You may be drawn to an amorphous mineral because you need to rekindle your curiosity and childlike sense of wonder. Just looking at the sparkling colorful radiance of an Australian or a Mexican fire opal will awaken the sense of possibility within you. When holding moldavite or tecktite in the palm of your hand you can feel the energies of star systems, galaxies, and universes radiating into you. If you are on the quest of solving a problem, the technologies, information, and extra-terrestrial wisdom offered humanity on our evolutionary journey can be accessed through these stone visitors from outer space. The power of creativity greeting you through obsidian, which is volcanic glass, is not to be taken for granted. And the soft golds and oranges of amber speak to the far reaches of physical life evolving on Earth. Because these minerals systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how an amorphous personality approaches and experiences life.

The Amorphous Personality

The ability to embody spontaneity is one of the gifts of the amorphous personality. In their creative fervor, they will gravitate towards that which is inspirational, gracefully moving from one situation, book, experience, or relationship to the next, depending upon where their curiosity is guiding them. They may appear to be in perpetual motion, but they are not dismissive or hurtful in the releasing or letting go.

They simply have enthusiastically moved on to explore their latest idea or opportunity. To be in relationship with an amorphous personality you have to enjoy the ride and honor their freedom. Without it, they are like a car with no wheels, dead on the road. Those wheels are the winds of discovery, the spiritual breezes of divine inspiration, and the freedom to travel lightly.

These individuals engross themselves in the moment that is revealing its mysteries. Amorphous individuals are committed to their current experience and engage a childlike concentration regarding what is enthralling them. However, they also exhibit childlike abandonment when the fascination with the object or idea is over.

These are colorful people, even to their wardrobes, and they pursue the most colorful experiences life has to offer. They are straightforward and delight in their experiences, even when experiments are unsuccessful. The sci-fi television series Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, which aired from September 1966 to June 1969, was groundbreaking in that the cast included an African American woman, an Asian, a Russian, and an extra-terrestrial character.

In a show that pioneered the human experience of space travel, Star Trek provided a vision of inter-racial harmony on the television, while the battle for civil rights in the United States ensued on the streets. We have made many gains towards human equality and Star Trek continues to explore the evolution of human culture through its many spin-offs and movies.


Because of their intense concentration in the now, amorphous individuals are sure of themselves. They feel deeply and quickly recognize opportunities that are presented to them. They play in the world of the eternal where options are limitless. For them, there is no end goal, only the journey unfolding. Therefore, if amorphous individuals hold on to a moment or experience, the consequences can be disastrous. Instead of flowing with eternity, they then experience the limitations of time, the contraction of their creativity, and aggression and depression may soon follow. However, they do not have to stay their long as the call of the next adventure will soon beckon!

In our current culture, dementia is on the rise and Alzheimer’s disease has been advancing, bringing with it disastrous consequences for the patient as well as the family. Depending upon where an individual is on the dementia continuum, he or she will face a moment where time becomes irrelevant and the only moment to experience is the present one.

If the families of these individuals can embrace an amorphous state of mind, they may be better able to appreciate the childlike wonder that is offered to them through their loved ones in those “present” moments. To remember to love as fully, completely, and whole heartedly as you did when you were a child can be the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones who only need your love, as everything else has ceased to be of importance to them. You and your loved ones who are caught in the grip of dimension can explore the joyful territory of eternal loving, playing together in the here and now.

Amorphous individuals may experience loneliness on their journeys because they find it hard to commit to lasting experiences. They make wonderful travel companions but not necessarily good roommates. They enjoy meaningful relationships based on expeditions or projects but then move on. Often fun, enthusiastic, smart, and delightful they are generally well liked and appreciated.

It is often hard for others to see such interesting and enthusiastic people move out of their lives. The good news about the amorphous personality is that it makes a great subpersonality, which when combined with a more stable personality style allows for the freedom of exploration within the stability of a supportive environment.   Combining a playful, enthusiastic, curiosity with committed follow through can create a lifestyle where relationships and careers can be fulfilling, and not suffocating.

The Amorphous Minerals includes:

Obsidian/Apache Tears, Moldavite, Tecktite, Opal, Amber

Amorphous explorers cover new spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical territories. To support the exploration of a specific environment, match the stone to the discipline. For example, moldavite and tecktite provide connection to the metaphysical realms and specifically to star systems and extra-terrestrials intelligences from which they came. You do not need a large piece of outer space on Earth. A tiny piece of moldavite, the size of an almond, can be enough to expand your auric field to the point that you don’t feel your limbs anymore.

Be attentive and know when you have spent enough time with your meteorite. Amber offers its support in the fields of physical awareness and emerging life forms. It is excellent worn on the body. Helpful in the fields of healing, purification, and environmental sustainability, obsidian, in its many forms such as rainbow and mahagony, remove obstacles to make expeditions flow smoothly and successfully.

Small pieces of obsidian can be worn in pockets or in jewelry. Recognize that these stones will allow the molten negativity within you to erupt in cleansing moments so be attentive to what is rising within you. Know when your experience with obsidian is complete and the negativity has cleared, and give yourself and your stone a rest.

Opal carries within it the freedom to flow into the moment, treasuring the beauty of the experience, and absorbing it into your life without ever having to hold on. Wearing an opal ring is a beautiful reminder to flow with life. Whenever you are stuck in any way, these amorphous minerals will get the explorer in you excited to take an adventure. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these amorphous minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear

Ray One – Faith In Action – The color is Blue.

The greatest adventure a human being will take is ascension. This journey culminates in the physical embodiment of the Soul and propels you into fifth dimensional living. The Creator is the ultimate explorer who pioneered the experience of physical existence and created the processes of ascension into spirit and the descent into form. The first ray is like an engine of creativity that turns on life. It infuses you with the willpower to give birth to an experience, a relationship, an idea, an opportunity, an environment.

It is the ultimate motivator and the best friend of an explorer. Ascended Master El Morya, who serves on the first ray, was the Wise Man Melchior, one of the three Persian cosmic astrologers to visit the baby Jesus after his birth. At that time he was one of the first to acknowledge the presence of the Christ Consciousness on the planet, and he understood that this event would forever change the trajectory of humanity. Today, he supports the development of the Christ Consciousness in every discipline and strengthens those exploring the frequencies of the fifth dimension all over the world. Call upon him to energize your journey and recognize the signposts along the way.

The Archangels Michael and Faith, offer you protection as you explore new territories and encounter unfamiliar experiences. They will shield you from harm and nudge you in the right directions to travel. Listen for their guidance and pay attention to your intuition. It is through your gut feelings that they will keep you on your highest path. The Elohim Hercules and Amazonia support you with the strength to carry through and push on when your experiments are difficult and the journey challenging.

Call upon them to infuse you with the power necessary to embrace your creativity and try the road less taken for the greatest outcome for all. Hercules is known not just for his physical strength but for his kindness and compassion. Humanity is on the greatest journey ever known. It is through kindness and compassion that we will recognize the Christ Consciousness alive in every life form on the planet from an ant to a humpback whale. We are all exploring a new life, an enlightened life of peace on an evolving planet. If you are alive on Earth now, you are part of a great cosmic experiment that will change the way love is understood and experienced throughout our universe. Journey onward pioneers of human consciousness and ask all of these light beings to travel with you.

Ray Thirteen – The Ascension Ray – The color is Platinum.

Ascension is the most important journey of our civilization. It is the soul-embodiment of humanity and the evolution of our species. It is humanity’s first foray into conscious multi-dimensionality and is leading to galactic citizenship. The thirteenth ray supports the ascension process of humanity through the intervention of the Divine Feminine energies. The dynamic creativity that is inherent in feminine energies is absolutely necessary as dimensional shift creates massive planetary and societal change.

Through the thirteenth ray, helpful evolutionary developments, discovered on others worlds and star systems, can be applied to humanity’s transition. With the assistance of the Divine Feminine energies change can be graceful, uplifting, and beautiful. The Lady Masters Isis, Quan Yin, and Mother Mary are supporting the appreciation for and utilization of the feminine energies on the planet. They are devoted to helping women embrace their dynamic feminine power to bring forth peaceful change in equality with men.

The Magdalene energies of Mary Magdelene, companion to Jesus the Christ, support the development of enlightened intimate relationships leading to gender unity. Only when the masculine and feminine energies are balanced and in harmonic relationship will peace truly prevail on Earth. The transformation of third dimensional marriage into intimate soulful relationship is an intense and demanding journey. Mary Magdalene will help you to embrace and utilize your feminine power when you call upon her.

All of these Lady Masters are assisting in the restructuring of the auric field of the women of humanity. They are facilitating the soul-embodiment of women so that they can live soul-empowered lives. In particular, the thirteenth ray anchors into the throat chakra so that the voice of the soul is heard through human language and song. The voice of the Divine Mother comes through to support all her children in their journey to spiritual adulthood. There is no other voice as sweet. Listen to Her.

Ascension Seats are unique chambers of transformation that are available to those on the evolutionary journey. This is serious multi-dimensional travel while in meditation and occurs through your Soul. If you find yourself having difficulty in any aspect of your evolutionary journey you can ask through your Soul awareness to sit in an ascension seat. You can do these meditations holding one of your crystals to further the transmission into your auric field. There are many of these.

One that you may like to try is the ascension seat in Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is a mountain in California that is also the geographic location of the root chakra of the Earth. All chakras are energy portals and so this ascension seat in Mt. Shasta serves as a multi-dimensional energetic portal to help you access the multi-dimensional support and guidance that will accelerate your conscious soul-embodiment. Meditative time spent in this ascension seat will be highly productive when grounding into the fifth dimensional frequencies of the Earth.

To learn more about ascension seats and how they work, Beyond Ascension by Joshua David Stone is a great resource.

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