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You Will Never Settle If You Love Yourself First

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Don’t give into what others have to say about you. You are an amazing person and you are where you are because of yourself.

You, like everyone else have the right to love and be loved the way you think is best for you.

It’s the most intoxicating feeling that rejuvenates your life. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved but you cannot settle down for anything less. Reciprocation is a must in a relationship. You cannot be with a person who not value or cares for you.

It cannot be called love if you fear the person you are with.

Some people want to work very hard until they become the CEO of some company and some want to settle down before they are thirty years old.

Both decisions are right and it really depends on the type of perception that you have. But one thing should always remain constant in both of the decisions that you should not accept anything less satisfactory.

Love yourself before loving anyone unconditionally.

Before letting a person come into your life fall in love with yourself first. Find out your true colors, nourish and feed your ego. The only reason why you should do this is that the only person you can never truly hate is yourself.

You might be the better person in the relationship and you are afraid to leave your partner but you cannot let that fear from holding you back. Sometimes it is easier to move on rather than getting over someone. Loving yourself will make those choices easier.

Self-love can be your life support.

Heartbreaks are not easy to deal with. All that you have carefully built over the years comes shattering down in a matter of second. When you are all alone in a fathomless abyss of love and emotions, self-love will help you heal.

Share the burden with someone trustworthy.

Time doesn’t always heal all the wounds that have broken your heart. It merely blurs out the memory making you distant from the turmoil in the past. Love yourself and share the pain with someone you trust and that person will help you get through it.

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