‘One Human Family, Food For All’ To Stop Hunger By 2025 — Everyone Should Join This Campaign!

Everyone should join the first international campaign “One Human Family, Food for all,” created by Caritas Internationalis, which has the purpose to end hunger by 2025.

This is a movement which is focused on equality, dignity, as well as justice for everyone – a world where every child, every woman, and every man can have an identical share of the abundant world that God created.

In the world, there is just enough food produced to feed everyone – yet, almost a billion people go hungry. It is a scandal, and Caritas Australia, together with the whole Caritas network, has a vision of a future without hunger by 2025.

It is a scandal that a lot of people go hungry in a world which can feed everyone.

Uneven access to food became a crisis, which was actually made worse by unfairness like financial speculation of food, diversion of food sources to energy production, as well as food wastage, and difficulties of accessing markets. The right to food also protects the right of all human being to live in dignity, free from hunger, as well as food insecurity and malnutrition.

The right to food lies at the heart of “One human family, food for all.” This is actually the first international campaign that involves the whole Caritas Internationalis confederation, advocating for governments, as well as the international community to ensure and implement the right to food.

The campaign is advocating for some structural changes which include food sovereignty (i.e., defending local communities’ rights), while it also demands changes in government policies, as well as regulations.

Caritas Internationalis asks government leaders to:

  • Provide adequate support for smallholder farmers to produce locally grown food;
  • Prevent or mitigate investment speculation on food;
  • Change the laws which place obstacles on women trying to produce food, and ensure that women have the control over resources such as land and can access good markets;
  • Guarantee decent, as well as non-exploitative work conditions for people who produce food;
  • Promote some social and fair trade between small-scale farmers and consumers;
  • Introduce ‘safety nets’ for people that are affected by the socio-environmental crisis which might block easy access to food;
  • Secure food for people who are displaced by humanitarian crises;
  • Fund programs in order to end childhood malnutrition and stunting in children.

So, everyone should join the global movement in order to end world hunger by 2025.

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