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6 Signs That You’ve Experienced Astral Projection

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by Conscious Reminder

OBE or out-of-body experience is actually the second name for astral projection. Just like the name itself implies, this kind of projection is actually a phenomenon in which the astral form actually departs from the physical one.

It is a short-term detachment of the spiritual and the physical form; just like a lot of people share the experiences they had of near-death, which is the one in which the body leaves us for several seconds.

Which are the most common signs of the astral projection?

Such signs are authentic, and they can vary from one person to another. A lot of people do not know about astral projection as they simply forget what is happening at the time of the entire phenomenon.

Actually, there are several forms of it, and they are separated and distinguished by the period in which such phenomenon occurred. The astral form usually leaves the physical one when the person is not conscious.

For example, when a person sleeps, and he or she suddenly feels the jolt, there is actually an opportunity that the body of that person reconnects with his or her astral body.

When a person is about to an astral projection, these are the signs he or she should look for:

1. Certain vibrations

At the time when a person is near to an astral project, his or her body will start vibrating at its best. The sense of vibration is not so powerful at the start, but, while the time goes on, it will increase.

2. The heart rate is increased

The heart rate of a person will increase, and that can even be seen with the use of medical tools and instruments.

Usually, when a person is in a higher physical active condition, the heart rate will rush, but in such kind of elevation, when the person increases more, it will better feel the increasing of the heart rate.

3. Buzzing

This is one of the signs of the astral projection. A lot of people reported hearing various sounds between or even before the time of the astral project.

Some sounds such as birds singing, the ringing of bells and so on are some of the most commonly heard sounds. When that sound is louder or more intense, it means that the person is close to reaching the purpose. So, that person should listen to the sound and then wait in order to see what will come next.

4. Paralysis in sleep

This is actually the most common and evident sign of this phenomenon. The body of a person starts feeling numb, and he is not able to move his arms or his legs at his will, although he wants too.

However, this should not cause any worries, as it is just a temporary condition. When the astral form is prepared to leave the physical one, the person will become paralyzed for a short time.

5. Visual hallucination

At the time of this phenomenon, a person can actually see what he or she cannot see with his physical eyes. These signs, the visual hallucinations, are just another one indicating this phenomenon.

All those images which the person can see can appear more vivid and prominent; however, because they are simply a hallucination, a person should not worry.

6. Variations in weight

So, when the astral form is prepared to detach from the physical one, there are two different things which can occur.

The first thing is that a person will either feel heavier, because the astral form just wants to leave, and as it tries to do that, the gravity pulls it with more force.

The second thing which could happen is that the person will feel light, as he or she will release itself from the pull of the gravitation.

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