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The First 2021 Full Moon Is In Leo And Here’s How To Handle The Energies

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By Conscious Reminder

January’s highpoint from a lunar perspective is going to kick start this year with a bang- with the full moon in January 2021 rising in Leo. Leo, as it has been known for centuries, is dramatic, and fiery- and symbolized using the lion.

The Moon peaks on the 28th of January and brings forth several different planetary connections resulting in clashes at a cosmic level. But, it is not all bad- our creativity and confidence will lighten up, implying that we would start finding the silver lining among the clouds.

The full moon in January 2021 is also referred to as the Wolf Moon- but the irony is that this moon will bring out the lion from within us. And this is precisely due to the sign of Leo.

The sign will ask us to put out courage, charisma, and our creativity out into the open- simply because this is the time for confidence. This is exactly the point where you need to come out of your shell to enhance self-expression, romance, and other passion projects.

Yet, the drama will run afoot too. Since the Full Moon would be in Leo, there is no way that the planetary collisions would be without any consequences. This moon is going headlong against Mars, and Uranus- both wild, unpredictable planets, and it is also squaring up against Saturn and Jupiter.

You will find quarrels at every single corner. How you deal with them will make up a large part of this period. You need to use the inner charisma that you have, to slip out of any unnecessary quarrels.

Here are few things that you should do, and not do- during this Full Moon in 2021.

Do: Step Out Bravely

Don’t close yourself off to the world. Although we might be in Aquarius, this Full Moon is going to ask you to start putting your hearts on your sleeves. Express yourself- and be unapologetically loud. This lunar movement is going to give us the opportunity to get out and speak our hearts to the world. So, don’t be afraid.

Don’t: Lose Your Rein On Your Temper

This period is going to put you on your toes- and you need to make sure that you don’t allow it to control your temper. There will be hosts of squabbles all around, and there is quite a possibility that you would get fired up now and then. Don’t get yourself worked up- but try to find yourself in a nice where the oppositions from the planets wouldn’t harm you.

Do: Go After What You Seek

Start going after the things that you seek, for the lunar cycle is going to give you a window of opportunity. Start bringing your projects to life, and utilize the creative potential that you have in store. Although it is true that the influence of Mars would make us quite aggressive, it will also give us the impetus to go after what we seek. Use the energy that will allow you to express in any form that you seek.

Don’t: Lose Your Identity In Love

With Venus’s influence on the moon, along with Pluto, there would be uprisings of jealousy in your relationship. There is a huge possibility that there will be a power struggle in your relationship. You might just come across some old secret that was long buried, or a drama that might just not seem trivial at that particular juncture.

All you need to do is remember that you shouldn’t be losing your temper and going overboard. The Full Moon is going to ask you to enjoy the fun, and the flirtatious aspect of it- you would be better off thinking about them.

The first full moon of 2021 is going to bring with itself several warring energies. You, on your part, need to check what you want to align yourself to. 

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