The Solar Minimum Is Upon Us And The Planet Will Feel The Chill

Solar minimum maybe doesn’t sound like big news to most people in the world, but it created quite a ripple effect in the science circles . 

More than ever, we are aware that the universe is in a constant change, and as things change ‘up there’, they change down here on Earth too.

According to NASA’s Martin Mlynaczak, we are on the right track to face a ‘space age record for cold’ if things regarding the fast cooling don’t change soon.

For the normal human, it’s quite difficult to notice any difference, but it doesn’t change the fact that soon enough things can get quite chilly.

Solar minima and maxima are the two extremes of the sun’s 11-year activity cycle. At a maximum, the sun is peppered with sunspotssolar flares erupt, and the sun hurls billion-ton clouds of electrified gas into space. It’s a good time for sky watchers who enjoy auroras, but not so good for astronauts who have to be wary of radiation storms. Power outages, satellite malfunction and communication disruptions, and GPS receiver malfunctions are just a few of the things that can happen during a solar maximum.

At a solar minimum, there are fewer sunspots and solar flares subside. Sometimes, days or weeks go by without a spot. It is a safer time to travel through space, but a less interesting time to watch polar skies.

With part of the sun’s atmosphere shrinking scientists are quite sure we are now entering solar minimum. This was not expected until 2020 but seems to be happening early. That meaning the global temperature is likely to drop big time.

This Is What Space Weather Wrote Regarding The Phenomenon:

“The sun is entering a deep Solar Minimum, and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding.”

“Data from NASA’s TIMED satellite show that the thermosphere (the uppermost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, literally decreasing the radius of the atmosphere.”

Mlynczak and his colleagues are working to keep up with all of the things currently going on that have to do with this and monitoring the thermosphere. He told Space Weather that SABER is currently measuring 33 billion watts of infrared power from NO. This meaning that it is reading ten times less than what it would during an active phase. While record colds are not quite present yet he says “It could happen in a matter of months.”

Please feel free to check out the video below while it is a bit older it is still full of information in regards to solar minimum. Bundle up and try to keep up as this continues. While it might not mean the end is near just yet, it does mean things are changing big time.

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