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Nikola Tesla: “The Three Great Misconceptions”

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by Conscious Reminder

Nikola Tesla symbolizes a unifying force and inspiration for all nations in the name of peace and science. He was a true visionary far ahead of his contemporaries in the field of scientific development. 

Here’s his take on human delusions, wrong conclusions and misconceptions!

Misconception Noº1

Misconception number one is about people’s views of the Universe. Surprisingly, these misconceptions didn’t originate from the ancient times or the Middle Ages – they started spreading now, in the Modern Era.

These are misconceptions that the Earth is the only inhabited planet, that people are the most advanced race in the universe, and that the universe is a vacuum, completely deprived from energy and matter, except for the planets, the stars and the tiny cosmic particles.

They, like many others, started spreading, because of overzealous scientists who have drew conclusions without having any facts and evidence, which later couldn’t be disproved or challenged by other scientists, as the later ones also didn’t have any facts or evidence.

Misconception Noº2

Another misconception is about the origin of the diseases, which directly leads to a misconception about how to deal with them.

This misconception takes the second place by importance, but it’s the most spread one. It’s caused by the immeasurable errors of science and medicine which are payed in human lives, health and creative and intellectual potentials prevented from developing.

Misconception Noº3

The third great human delusion refers to our energy sources. Not being familiar with alternative sources of energy, man has only scratched the possibilities of using the energy of the electrical, thermal, solar and wind energy, while all the other possible energy sources stay completely intact and unknown.

And what’s worse, we don’t even take into consideration or think about developing alternative energy sources, which could help people in almost every field of interest, and also restore earth and the entire human civilization!

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