3 Ways Intuition Can Make All The Difference

Have you ever felt the inner feeling of pride or disgust before starting a task? Perhaps before taking a new challenge you feel that it is a great opportunity for you.

Sometimes you get the feeling of an impending danger but more often than not we shrug off the feeling thinking that it as a nonsense idea.

But psychologists all over the world believe that relying on your intuition may be a really great idea. We all have been told growing up that rationality should prevail.

Our culture of enlightenment teaches to discard this hunch and to always look for reasons. They argue that we are not animals and ‘reason’ is something that separates us from animals.

Well we all are animals, aren’t we? Here I am saying to honor your instinct. The idea is not to reject reason but to integrate reason with intuition.

Intuition is perhaps the strongest asset available to human ’animal’. This guiding star is perennially available for us.

Here are 3 ways following which your intuition can make difference-

1. Listen Carefully.

Everyone has that one inner voice which guides us and is always available to us. This is the voice which guides the best of the best’s.

Great Artists, Salesman, Investors, Entrepreneurs and even Athletes have said again and again that their gut feeling always guides them whenever they are in a bad spot.

This inner voice of yours is also speaking to you constantly. Just listen to it.

2. Be A Go-Giver

The leader of the movement “Go-Givers”, Bob Burg says that “For having a more peaceful chemistry with your own inner self, you have to learn the art of being a go-giver.”

The idea behind this is that service always yields better results. So go out wild in the world and take some intuitive actions to be a go-giver.

3.  Let Go Of Expectations

We all hope to get returns from everything in which we are involved. It may be our investments in money or relationships or just our good acts. Believe me, if you’ll cling on to these expectations, all you’ll get is sadness.

Free yourself from the core. Shed all the expectations, live happily. Do what your intuition says and do not expect back.

Has the gut feeling ever rescued you from a tough spot in life? Share your views about the idea of intuition with us.

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