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Think And Speak Love: Words Have The Power To Reshape Your Brain

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Neuroscientists and experts of communicative language agree that words are so powerful, they can literally rewire our brains.

The kind of thoughts we think and especially the words we use can change the structure of our brain and consequently, our lives.

Words, have the power to influence and change the genes which are in charge of handling and expressing stress.

Positive words, enhance the sensations of our frontal lobe. When we choose to use words such as ‘happiness’, ‘joy’, ‘peace’ etc., we strengthen our cognitive reasoning abilities. This also enhances the centres of motivation in our brain.

On the other hand, when we include too many negative words in our vocabulary, we are hampering the stress management system of our body. It inhibits the production of the neuro-chemicals which are involved in the process of managing strain.

You might not know this, but for the sake of survival, we are born with a body part whose sole function is to produce fear in our body: the amygdala floods our body with stress hormones which kick-start the fight or flight response.

Thinking negative thoughts and using such words activates the amygdala, and to make things worse, when our systems are full of stress hormones, our logical and reasoning abilities suffer as we are not able to retain the normal functioning of our brain.

The frontal lobe has centres which control the logic and reasoning processes. These get shut down when the amygdala is firing up our system with stress hormones.

When we make it a habit to have positive thoughts, we are also affecting other parts of our brain, such as the parietal lobe and thalamus.

The former is responsible for how we perceive ourselves and others, while the latter directs our perception of life. Thinking positively, increases the happiness we feel, as over time we learn to look at the world in a positive light.

Thus, it is quite vital that you change your outlook towards life to change it in a positive way.

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