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Understanding The Piscean Mindset

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by Conscious Reminder

The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the ruler of the Halls of your Unconscious. Knowing this will help us understand the dreaminess inherent in Pisces and their need to find a way to break free from what’s real and live out the mysteries of their internal life.

The subconscious inside a Pisces is a place that holds secretive knowledge that will only be revealed when they meet someone who knows how to ask for it. In their more aware phases when they are firmly back on the ground, they are the very best at being friendly and generous. Their intuition is powerful and they are extremely attentive to all that you say.

What She’s Like In Pisces

A woman in Pisces is full of sensitivity and mystery. There’s a sensual aura about her as she is undoubtedly the Queen of Love. Full of romance, she will act like she’s cynical when it comes to love but what she really wants if for you to understand how sensitive she is.

All the hopes and dreams she built up in her childhood have not lessened in importance to her. She is a wonderful teacher and from her you can learn compassion as well as how to be kind. When she gives love she sets no conditions and offers it freely and generously.

Never go with just what you can see in the facade she presents to the world. A Pisces woman might seem vulnerable but she is full of joy and there’s nobody better at innovation than she is. It is up to you to understand her sensitivity, look beneath the surface and offer her the love and affection she needs to let her keep her dreams and sweetness alive.

What He’s Like In Pisces

Sex is the leading motivator for a man whose personality is in Pisces. He’s constantly flirting and is known for being extremely sexual at times. However, he always tries to get the one woman who doesn’t fall for him easily. Not only must she be a challenge, she also needs to be foxy. He expects both innocence and experience. In his mind, he’s built up this ideal woman who is too perfect to exist and this often prevents him from finding true love.

A woman who possesses the strength and the flexibility to hang on to what’s real despite his volatile personality will be able to gain his love and it is well worth keeping because he will never leave you or hurt you.

Pisces is a fish that is, by nature, full of mysteries and secrets. Those, whose personalities are very much Pisces by nature, live joyfully, stimulating live within themselves that what many don’t get the privilege of experiencing. They care a lot for those around them and do their best to ensure general happiness.

In all of their relationships, they are sensitive, dreamy and full of passion. With their spirituality, they are capable of bringing together dreams and reality. This can send their romantic relationships into a level of hyper activity which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s not easy to fully come to terms with a Pisces personality and all that is passionate and compassionate within. They don’t tone down the strength of their feelings and once they learn how to, they usually channel it in sexual ways. Flowing like the river rushing to meet the sea, Pisces is full of allure.

If you are ready to put in the time and effort required for you to develop an understanding of their emotions, you will be blessed with a partner who will love you till the end of time.

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