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Merging Of Twin Flames: Experiencing The Process First Hand

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The link between Twin Flames is often so powerful that it throws the energy of their spirits into chaos.

Strife follows them every time they are together. Twins flame will begin to merge from the minute they first spot each other but this is a long, sometimes arduous process.

So how do Twin Flames unite?

There is no better stimulant to push you towards positivity than your Twin Flame. No one else can help you defeat your pride and start afresh. But this takes a lot of effort, the kind you will never have to put in elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this is only possible if you can set your issues aside. If Twin Flames begin to shun each other, their lives become fake as they constantly try to suppress their problems with their own selves and try to distract themselves with worldly things.

However, the universe will always try to bring Twin Flames back together no matter how many times they drift apart.

This will once again begin the process of merging and the Twin Flames will have to face every single aspect of themselves, the good, the bad and the ugly.

They will only be able to find enlightenment once they win the battle raging inside themselves.

The final step in the process of merging is spiritual ascension. Once a Twin Flame lets go of all that is holding them back, they must approach their Twin Flame in the spirit world.

They can only gain access to that world if they are aware of the innumerable twists and turns their path can take while at the same time holding on to the belief that they are destined to unite with their Twin Flame.

Entering the spirit world will help you experience love and lightness. The Twin Flames will not fear their unification any longer.

Both will have to undergo their own separate quests to overcome themselves for this merging to become possible.

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