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Taurus Full Moon Ritual Will Help Use The Powerful Cosmic Energies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon that is scheduled to rule the skies on the 24th of October is going to be in the sign of Taurus, and while it is one of the most stable and balanced of signs, things will not be completely quiet when the full moon does come our way.

There will some effects that you will not be able to ignore. Things might go haywire for a little bit but that does not mean that you will not find your calm amidst all of that.

A full moon always brings a lot of energy and a hike in emotional intensity. But sometimes it gets difficult to manage that amount, leading to unbalanced and uninformed decision making that can make things go topsy turvy. If you are wondering what to do, I hear you. Allow me to tell you.

You will need a smudging tool, a white candle, some flowers, a pen, a paper and finally some incense. All these things are easily available.

The first step would be to clean your aura and for this you would need your smudging tool. While you do this, remind yourself that you are a strong individual and that you can fight anything that comes your way, all the things you have done wrong are now being cleaned and you are starting over.

Then, smudge your surroundings and make things bright and positive. Think good thoughts calm your heart.

After this, light the incense and the candle that you have. Close your eyes and think of a geometric figure- a triangle, or a circle or a heart. Each of these things represent three different things, the triangle is a symbol of mind, body and soul, the circle is a symbol of completeness and finally, the heart, quite understandably represents love.

Draw this symbol on the paper that you have, keep your candle in the middle and then use your flowers to make a design that is visually appealing to you. It does not have to a specific design, go as your spirit guides you. Do not make too many rules.

Then, sit near your candle, in a way you feel comfortable. Make sure you are not too close to it, just a position that makes you feel safe. Spread all the leaves and flowers around you to create a sort of a fort, a fort that makes you feel like no outer negativity can get to you.

Once you have done that, have one hand on your heart and one on your tummy. Breathe. Hold up the flower in your palm and build your faith in Mother Earth up.
Keep breathing. Once you’re done with that, look at the candle and call upon the higher powers to look after you.

While you breathe, make sure you keep a count and when you arrive to the tenth breath, it is time for you to think about everything that you want in your life and how the Universe can give those things to you.

Let the positivity of your surroundings seep into you and remove all the negativity that had been plaguing your soul for a while.

This marks the conclusion of the ritual. Carefully dispose off the leaves and flowers.

This ritual will help you keep a good head on your shoulders and not give in to any rash decisions that may seem alright at the time.

The Universe is always looking out for you but there are times when things depend on you. It might seem difficult but you can and will be able to do it. Just have faith. 

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