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Crystals For Contentment & Happy Relationships

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The Trigonal System of Minerals

Do you enjoy the simple things in life? Is feeling appreciation as natural to you as breathing? Are you comfortable with the people that surround you? If so, then you are greatly blessed with an experience of contentment that can never be taken from you.

If you desire to experience physical contentment and peace of mind, then the trigonal system of minerals will happily assist you. Containing the inner structure of a triangle, trigonal minerals direct the energies of your Soul into your conscious awareness and physical form, providing you with an experience of safety in which to live your life.

Correlated to the cube of the Platonic Solids, the trigonal minerals transmit the element of earth, anchoring us peacefully to our planet and encouraging us to serve each other as generously as these minerals serve all life on the planet.

Was one of your first crystals a rose quartz, a clear quartz point, or an amethyst cluster? I believe that we are drawn to these trigonal minerals because they transmit the energies of harmony, service, and generosity.

The ability to love moving through your rose quartz, an increased capacity to listen radiating through your quartz point, and the opportunity to spiritually connect through your amethyst, all serve to help you understand and value the life you have been given to peacefully enjoy.

There are two reasons you may be drawn to trigonal minerals. You may enjoy feeling grounded by hematite and appreciate the smooth calm energies of pink calcite because you work hard to keep your environments serene and peaceful. These stones comfort you and support the safety that you have already built for your life. On the other hand, you may be craving the sense of connection and generosity that smoky quartz, pink tourmaline, gold calcite, and smithsonite emotionally, mentally, and spiritually offer you. Because these mineral systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how a trigonal personality approaches and experiences life.


The Trigonal Personality

People with a trigonal personality are never in a rush. They are excellent observers because they take the time to see, perceive, and understand. They are able to simplify difficult tasks or information and are realistic about expectations and outcomes. Because of that, they excel at making situations, relationships, and technologies work. Engaging common sense and the ability to listen without judgment, these individuals broker peace and know how to enjoy life. Fulfillment is more important to them than achievement. And comfort is preferred over luxury because it is practical and more easily obtained.

Many farmers who spend their days growing the food that keeps us alive are trigonal personalities. Likewise, the plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and chefs of the world generously serve us day after day. It is hard to find a public figure in this personality style because they do not seek the limelight. Yet, we have a wonderful example in Fred Rodgers, of Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood. Mr. Rodgers was the kind television teacher whose simple comforting style helped to raise a generation of children. Calm, respectful, and wearing a comfortable sweater, Fred Rodgers was a trigonal personality that brought harmony into the lives of children who spent time with him at the television, no matter what was going on in their homes.

When these individuals are preoccupied with creating their own peaceful environments, they may disregard their capacity to create harmony, avoid conflict, and run from upsetting situations and difficult relationships. This behavior will inevitably lead to superficiality and self-centeredness, eventually creating a disregard for the positive value of human relationships. They may become egotistical, indifferent to the needs of others and mean. Isolation will inevitably result. The earth element of the cube doesn’t mean to box you in. Its purpose is to create a peaceful and abundant physical reality in which to experience life. To bring tetragonal personalities which have gone astray back into harmony, all they need to reclaim is their ability to broker peace within themselves and others. They are the most fulfilled when they are busy making the lives of others happy.

As generators of harmony, these stones work well in environmental grids. Hematite, magnesite, proustite, and siderite provide a sense of calm in which the ability to dynamically solve problems grows. Dioptase, smoky and rose quartz, smithsonite, and benitoite support the development of effective relationships based on understanding and purpose. Placing these on your desk can only improve your professional relationships. Wearing any of the quartz family in jewelry or in your pockets will bring a sense of harmony and connection, especially with the planet. Calcites come in a variety of colors and will slow down those fears which have grown out of control so that you can return to your experience of inner peace through which you function best. All the minerals in this system are supportive, attentive, and seek to create harmony in your auric field and in your homes and communities. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these trigonal minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear.

The Trigonal System of Minerals includes: Hematite, Calcite, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Tourmaline, Smithsonite, Ruby, Brucite, Siderite, Rhodochrosite, Chabazite, Pyrargyrite, Millerite, Proustite, Dolomite, Ankerite, Dioptase, Ilmenite, Benitoite, Magnesite, Cinnabar, Brucite

When you pray for assistance through the sixth ray, Jesus’s colleague, Ascended Master Lord Lanto, will come to your aid. Lord Lanto was a contemporary of Confucius in a previous incarnation , and brought forth the wisdom of living in harmony with all life. He offers you the insight necessary to understand how your soul-embodiment promotes the awakening of the Soul for all of humanity.

Ray Six – Divine Service – The colors of Purple and Gold.

Jesus, the Christ, who served on the sixth ray chose to bring peace to the world. He awakened humanity to the reality of the Soul, of life after death, and the freedom to be found in the peace and safety of our spiritual home. Yet, he encouraged us to create Heaven on Earth through unconditional love and forgiveness, to be blessed peacemakers.

In that way, Jesus defined devotion as empowered service, not simply religious belief. Those trigonal personalities who are actively fulfilling themselves are devoted to the creation of peace on Earth because they create harmony wherever they go. This is a ray of ministry in action and all religious communities work hard in the fields, in their houses of worship, and with their congregations providing services, resources, and comfort as needed.

Unconditional loving is the generator of love in action, of devotion to the human family, and he will help you embrace humanity as kin, beloved and their wellbeing as essential to your own happiness, as that of your intimate family.

Ascended Lady Master and Goddess Isis, supports the development of family harmony and assists parents to embrace the compassionate guidance necessary to raise happy and secure children. She understands the devotion required to be an enlightened parent and infuses the ability to maintain consistent attention into all who call for her assistance, whether you are raising a child or an enlightened civilization of peace. The Elohim Peace and Aloha will assist you to build strong yet flexible families and communities that exhibit the devotion of love in action.

Archangels Uriel and Aurora come forth also with their legions of peaceful angels infusing you with the power to choose peace and the fortitude to live it daily.   It is an open compassionate heart linked with a clear and open mind that creates the empowered service that trigonal individuals exhibit. Those enlightened celestial beings from the star system Lyra support the development of peace in our solar system, galaxy, and universe. When you need to embrace peace, call upon the sixth ray and let these beautiful beings guide you, support you, and fill you with the unconditional loving that peace requires

Ray Fifteen – The Ray of Unity – The colors are Lavender Silver and Luminescent Golden Orange.

The happiness of humanity is a collective experience. Although individuals may experience it internally, the point of an enlightened civilization of peace is that the entire species knows peaceful happiness as a way of life. In order to access that level of harmony, unity is essential. The duality of “us” is necessarily replaced by the intimacy of “we”. To achieve collective transformation, ray fifteen radiates gender unity into human consciousness and reconfigures the DNA of human physiology to activate higher levels of electromagnetic activity that support transcendent behavior.

The Archangels Uriah and Felicity will support your transcendence and encourage the unification of your masculine and feminine energies when you are ready to leave the loneliness of duality behind. They support the activation of the Golden Orange beam in your transforming auric field. The Golden Orange Beam emanates from the Golden Orange gender unity chakra located about eight inches below your root chakra. The beam facilitates the unification of your masculine and feminine energies by clearing out obstacles to unity through every chakra in your emerging fifth dimensional chakra column. The Golden Orange Beam infuses you with a wonderful feeling of support, contentment, and honor.

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