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Fiery Aries Season Starts March 21st, Here’s What To Expect

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by Conscious Reminder

At times, life asks us to step up and pave our path forwards. At such times, usually, only we can save ourselves.

At such times, we must become our own heroes. On March 20th-21st, Aries season will kick off right as the Equinox takes place. Aries, the zodiac’s first sign, stands for leadership, pioneering spirit, and an obsession with solving problems first.

When the situation looks extremely dire, and our energies are at their lowest, it is Aries’ presence that gives us the strength to keep fighting. It reassures us that even if, at times, we must fight alone we have all the strength and power needed to overcome the obstacle.

Find Your Inner Strength

If your current life situation in life is similar to this then Aries season will be the perfect time to start changing things up. In 2022, it is even truer since none of the major planets will be in retrograde throughout the Aries season. Clearly, this is the Universe’s way of telling us that now is the time for moving forwards, to contemplate the future, and let go of the past.

Aries is an extremely fiery and strong-willed sign, so Aries season is usually beneficial for all other zodiac signs. Think about the areas in your life where you need to take charge. Think about how you can steer and lead your life towards your desired destination.

Rather than waiting for chances, others, or anything external, Aries season will give us the energy to retake our power. It will reassert that our inner strength is enough to find the path ahead.

If a sense of uncertainty or loss is pervading your senses, then Aries energy will bring the confidence needed to take action. Aries, as a sign, is deeply associated with taking action. So make sure you are acting out your dreams and thoughts, regardless of how small the steps are.

The Neptune-Jupiter Meeting

The meeting between Neptune and Jupiter is among the highlights of this season. This will be an energy that may inspire new realities, a larger creative vision, collective awakening, and spiritual growth.

Since Aries season is ideal for taking action and fresh starts, this meeting’s energy will encourage our dreams to be bigger and be riskier when it comes to being creative. Furthermore, it will also ask us to listen to our spiritual knowledge when it comes to decision-making.

The energy of Aries season is also ideal for doing manifestation work. Furthermore, the Aries season and the Equinox take place at the same time so the energy can help us balance our lives. Think about everything that needs to be released and the areas where more leadership is needed.

The energies of Equinox will be especially potent between March 19th and March 21st. In fact, it is believed that the planet’s energy grid gets particularly harmonized just as the Equinox peaks. This is a great chance for connecting with Nature’s power.

To end it, here is a summary of how to work with energies of the 2022 Aries Season:

  • Take charge of your life
  • Begin new things
  • Start projects
  • Make a board for manifestation or do some intention-setting
  • Take more leap of faiths
  • Prioritize putting things into action rather than planning or thinking
  • Balance taking control and releasing control
  • Be the hero you need for yourself
  • Locate your independence
  • Explore the inner entrepreneur
  • Set an example for others to follow

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