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The Second Week Of December May Turn Your Love Life Upside Down

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by Conscious Reminder

The second week of December might be quite hectic for you. For, there would be a multitude of energies at play. And while most of the energies would be positive, some might be a bit ambiguous.

Love might actually be the biggest fight for you this period. The Full Moon of 12th, along with Chiron being Direct, might make us think that nothing’s going our way. But don’t worry, for Chiron positing itself Direct can help us. We would be introspecting deep within ourselves and come up with a completely new understanding of who we are.

Despite that, the Full Moon in Gemini is designed to make Twin Flame relations difficult. The very things that make Twin Flame relationships stand up on itself will be harmed and contorted beyond proportions.

You might finally have to start thinking about improving the gentle condition of things. And if you aren’t already with each other, this might actually help you come closer.

Chiron when Direct brings us to a precipice, where we start understanding ourselves better. This allows us to be better acquainted with and attached to people in a way we never thought possible.

In fact, someone who was a stranger just yesterday could be a close friend today. Someone who was a close friend yesterday could be a lover today. Regardless, we still need to make the most out of the time we have at our disposal.

Don’t lose hope if you aren’t there yet. Your relationship with your Twin Flame is as spiritual, as it is physical. You might find yourself connected to them at a level you don’t understand. Whatever be it, trust in the Universe to make a correct decision.

When the Moon will quincunx Venus, there will be a huge amount of imbalance in relationships. How much love you send out will be grossly different from the love you receive. And this will reach a standpoint, where there either would be a full-blown argument or a love affair.

You might also be beset with body image issues. Instead of internalizing it, and substituting it with chocolates, porn or drugs, try to deal with it head-on.

This imbalance inside yourself could be karmic- related to the family. In fact, it might start with your mother. So you might as well simply deal with it, rather than letting it stew.

You might also find some imbalance in the way your professional, as well as your personal life, works out. You need to practice self-harmony, patience, forgiveness, and trust in order to create order around yourself. Balance is the key.

With Moon quincunx Pluto, you might see your emotional side get all the more anxious and restless. At times, your restlessness might lead to your subconscious running your mouth when it isn’t needed.

Your mood swings might also lead to you isolating yourself from everyone around, while there is always this idea of your fears going out of hand.

You might get into a relationship crisis due to feelings of guilt or over-possessiveness. But, this period will also help you understand yourself to a greater extent.

And as the Full Moon comes closer, you will be able to uncover hidden secrets and get to know about a lot of esoteric subjects.

So, ready to tackle the week?

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