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Astrological Aspects Of November 2018: Mixed Bag Of Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

With the start of the month of November, it is important for you to know where the celestial bodies stand and how they’ll influence your life for the next thirty days. Keep reading to find out more.

Predictions For November 2018

With Jupiter and Uranus standing in a pentagram like formation, this aspect of the planets is where the spotlight will be this November. It is bound to spur some tense situations and transformation in the first half of the month. There are a couple of planets moving directly and one moving in retrograde. Another important planetary movement is the Sun aligning with Jupiter and Mercury in retrograde towards the end of the month. Not a very positive interaction, at this time patience will be hard to come by as there is a feeling that something urgent needs to be done.

7th November, Wednesday

The interaction of the New Moon with some of the more uplifting features of Pluto and Neptune indicates that you will undergo a change spiritually and learn to forgive and be forgiven. Apologise for things you’ve done so that you can move forward without restraints. There is a star out there that can make you lose something dear to you, leave you disappointed, and make you pay for mistakes you didn’t commit. But the other celestial bodies will cushion the blow and help you bounce back.

8th November, Thursday

The way you’ve perceived money, university, travelling, joy, and most of your beliefs will transform because of Jupiter’s alignment with Uranus. It keeps you in a volatile state that can make you oscillate between positivity and negativity, certainty and uncertainty. Stress can shoot up during this period but you need to go through this if you wish to climb higher.

16th November, Friday

With Venus standing directly across from Uranus your love life is in for a lot of transformation. For those who’ve just entered a relationship, tense situations might test their mettle. Going on dates for the first time can offer a lot of excitement. You’ll have some luck with money but be careful that you don’t spend it all on recreation.

At the same time, Mercury is stationed in retrograde and it can cause miscommunication, stress, delayed flights, technological glitches and more. The past will be on your mind now more than ever and Mercury can and will create chaos in your mind, your devices, and in your travel schedule.

23rd  November, Friday

Mars is squaring with Jupiter and this has a direct influence on the Full Moon. You’ll feel stronger, braver, and sexier but at the same time, you’ll also be full of rage and frustration. You should be cautious and not act recklessly or on impulse because you or someone else could end up hurt or injured. With the moon being where it is, you’ll be short tempered and unnecessarily brutal and merciless. Try to be patient and think things through before going forward so that you don’t hurt others. Though it is hard not to be irritable and frustrated, try to release all the energy swirling in you in constructive way instead.

26th and 27th of November

The interaction of the Sun with Mercury and Jupiter spells good news for everyone. You can expect to feel happy, optimistic, and generous. Use this period to push yourself forward personally, professionally, and spiritually. Map out your future now because your intuition will be heightened and you’ll be imbued with good luck. Open up your perspective and make the big decisions so that you can see whether you’re on the right path. It is also important that you use this period of good luck to do some cleaning and get everything in order.

Have a wonderful month!

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